November 11, 2000


Eleven members braved the elements and attended the November 11, 2000 meeting of the Great Plains Heisey Club at the Gladstone, MO. home of Tom and Kathy . Unfortunately, attendance was held down by early winter weather which brought rain, sleet, snow and ice to the Midwest. Since the program was on Heisey baskets, attendees were greeted by a "Bonnet" basket on the front porch complete with a large Diamond H logo.


President Tom called the meeting to order at 1:30 p.m. The minutes of the September 16, 2000 meeting were approved as submitted. The Treasurer's Report was approved as presented. The club by-laws specify that the dues amount for the following year be set at this meeting. After discussion, a motion was made, seconded, and unanimously approved to set the 2001 dues at $5.00 per person payable to the Treasurer by March, 2001. A motion was also made, seconded, and approved to give $25 to the host of each meeting to help defray meeting expenses. This change will become effective with the March, 2001 meeting.


A motion was made, seconded, and approved to combine committee responsibilities with the duties of the club officers. The Membership committee duties will be combined with the Secretary’s duties since the Secretary must maintain an active membership roster. Also, it was approved to change each meeting program selection to a format where the President will select programs and presenters for each future meeting based on input from the membership.


Per the by-laws, the election of officers occurs at the March meeting based on nominations made at the previous November meeting. The attendees requested the present officers to serve an additional one year term. No other nominations were made so the following officers will be selected in March, 2001 to serve for one year: Tom, President; John, Treasurer; and Mary, Secretary. (A sample Florida Butterfly ballot was made available for voting and Pat Buchanan was elected President. That decision was reversed after a recount).


The program on Heisey baskets was presented by Kathy . To get the attendees thinking about baskets, they were given a quiz about recent prices paid for baskets on eBay. Kathy then used a handout based on previous HCA News articles and Heisey catalogs to provide details on all Heisey production baskets. She explained all patterns, sizes, and colors. Kathy then used baskets from her collection to show examples of each basket made by Heisey. Etched and cut baskets were also displayed. In total, Kathy had over 50 Heisey baskets to view.


As usual, the attendees brought interesting pieces to share in the Show and Tell segment. Some of the items included: #1401 Empress ice bucket with silver overlay, #1252 Twist 8 inch low footed bowl, #1114 Arcade high ball, #903 goblet, various domino sugar trays and holders, #1252 Twist ice bucket in Alexandrite, #1567 Plantation 3 light candlestick, #5 Patrician 5 inch candlesticks with star cut bottoms, #310 Ring Band compote in Custard, #429 Plain Panel Recess 2 qt. crushed fruit, #469 Hartman candy jar with cutting, #1555 Cornucopia vase (Elf Shoe), #1504 Regency candy box, #1220 Punty Band crimped nappy, a pair of #27 Daisy candlesticks, #7102 Wide Zipper small tobacco jar, #1020 Phyllis cream and sugar in Vaseline, and the "are they or aren’t they" reclining horsehead bookends.


Because of the winter weather in the Midwest and the distance traveled by many members, the club does not schedule meetings in December, January, or February. The next meeting was set for March 10, 2001 at the home of John and Trudy in Omaha. The program will be explanations and display of Heisey patterns produced between 1910-1919. These would include the following pattern numbers/names: #29 Sanford, #33 Skirted Panel, #34 Aristocrat, and #71 Oval candlesticks, #350 Pinwheel and Fan, #400 Colonial, #423 Diamond Band, #427 Daisy and Leaves, #429 Plain Panel Recess, #433 Greek Key, #439 Raised Loop, #1181-9 Yeoman, #451 Cross Lined Flute, #462 Nail, #465 Recessed Panel, #468 Octagon, #470 Intercepted Flute, #393-4 and #470-5 Narrow Flute with Rim, #341 Puritan, #352 Flat Panel, #353 Medium Flat Panel, #354 Wide Flat Panel, #355 Quator, #361 Criss Cross, #411-4 Tudor, and #379 Urn. Tom Files will coordinate pieces to bring among members to avoid duplication.


The attendees then toured the Tom and Kathy's home to view their extensive Heisey collection and enjoyed hot apple cider and other treats. Handbags and coats were then searched and all pilfered items returned to their proper cabinets. The meeting was adjourned to a local restaurant where everyone enjoyed what else, Kansas City BBQ. Anyone wanting to be a guest or to join the Great Plains Heisey Club is invited to contact Mary at cameron_mg@mchsi.comt.