November 10, 2012


Need to be “consoled”?  You should have been in Ames, Iowa for our Great Plains club meeting at the Heisey-filled home of Mary and Gregg Cameron.  Stay with me.  Chef Matt prepared a gourmet multi-course meal, served by our hosts, that nearly overwhelmed us with varied and delicious flavors.  Thank you for sharing your cooking abilities, Matt, we all savored each course.


Our meeting was called to order by President John Mock.  The usual reports of Secretary’s minutes and Treasury amount were dispatched and Mary updated us on Bob Tankesley-Clarke’s post-stroke condition – some improvement is evident.  Yeah!


President Mock explained that our Percy Moore recap was in the November Heisey News due to Larry Burge’s illness.


We discussed raising our $5 annual dues but a motion carried for leaving them as is.  We also discussed having a table of glass donated by our members to sell during next year’s convention sale around the Newark square.  A decision will be made in an early meeting next year.


Trudy Mock presented her “Martha Moment” – another clever, attractive use of Heisey in a different way.  Trudy and John both worked to make gourds serve as flower frogs to hold the stem of a mum on top of pieces like an Old Sandwich catsup bottle and a large Heisey cruet.  (Hope Gregg’s pictures show the details better than my description).  It was very creative and would make attractive vase arrangements.  Trudy also displayed pictures with Christmas decorating ideas.


Officers were elected for 2013 with no changes from 2012:  President, John Mock; Treasurer, Tom Files; Secretary, Kathy Files – all wondering if they were elected or sentenced.  And someone proclaimed that the term no longer be 1 year but 5 years.  The officers did not ask for a vote on that sentence, errr option.


We were very pleased that Bob and Bev Heise from the Northwoods Club joined us for this meeting.  That brought our attendance to 16.  Bob and Bev behaved themselves and would be welcome at any future GPHC meetings.


Mary Cameron led us through a “Console Sets” program with numerous examples on display and a handout of printed information.  We had a good discussion of “console sets” vs. “centerpiece sets” – you had to be there!  Good job, Mary, and thank you – we were all “consoled”.

Show & Tell was plentiful – too plentiful to list everything but following are some examples: #1469 Ridgeleigh 8 inch vase in Sahara; #1250 Groove and Slash spoon; #5038 Chanticleer stem made into a necklace; #400 Colonial & #1250 Cut Block toothpicks; #8061 Lodi cream & sugar, elaborately cut, with unusual handle-less sugar (later identified as #1188 Yeoman); #417 Double Rib & Panel basket with Marigold stain; #315 Paneled Cane spoon with Red Flash; #305 Punty & Diamond Point cologne with sterling top; #500 Octagon ice bucket in Flamingo with cutting; #1428 Warwick cornucopia with cutting; #1469 Ridgeleigh swan handled floral bowl; #4225 Cobel decanter in Cobalt with silver overlay; year 1977 souvenir rye bottle made from #1489 Puritan mold; #150 Banded Flute root beer mug; and #352 Flat Panel knife rest.  Whew, there were others also.


The 50/50 auction was held and along with other fund raisers and dues collections, $375 was added to the Club treasury.


We set the meeting dates/locations for the 2013 as follows:
March 23 - Jean and Bucky Will - Leavenworth, KS
May 11 - Mary and Gregg Cameron - Ames, IA
July 13 - Trudy and John Mock - Omaha, NE
September 14 - Glen Gall - Urbandale, IA
November 9 - Pat and Rex Lucke, Omaha, NE
Mark your calendars accordingly.


The meeting was adjourned because it was carrot cake and chocolate ganache cake time.  Like the rest of the meal, they were both winners!! 

Thank you, Mary and Gregg, for hosting a great meeting.  Your windows and beautiful Heisey collection sparkled; the meal was delicious and uniquely special through all the courses; it was fun having Bob and Bev attend our meeting; the program was informative – it was a good time for everyone. 


Now I’m “consoled” because this article is written – the end!