Minutes - PVM Weekend

September 8, 2012


“Come on Down to Omaha” could have been the shout-out for our Percy and Vivian Moore weekend event held September 7 & 8, 2012 (or the PVM as we came to know it).  Omaha dialed up perfect weather for our “Heisey Harvest”.  Friday night brought everyone to the Oak Hills Country Club for social time, raffle choices, and a great buffet with chicken and bbq ribs topped off with an ice cream sundae bar.  Trudy Mock provided the table decorations with her usual “Martha” flair by placing freshly harvested wildflowers in Heisey pitchers from her collection.  Our Great Plains Club president John Mock, in his Nebraska red shirt, greeted everyone while Mary Cameron handed out name badges and checked registrations.  Gregg Cameron was buzzing around taking pictures of all the fun (he was also a great chairman for this event). Trudy and Glen Gall sold raffle tickets for a cornucopia tray full of Heisey pieces that Trudy assembled, a basket of chocolate goodies and wine with 2 Heisey stems (contributed by Marcie Bergquist), and Glen’s 50-50 raffle of 2 Warwick vases filled with candy corn for us to guess the number of candies in both vases.  Mary Edwards won the cornucopia tray; Virginia Yeakley won the chocolate basket; Pam Carlisle guessed the exact number of candies.  Pam graciously returned her share of the money and both vases of candy were then auctioned.  Thank you, Pam, and congratulations to all the ladies.


During our Friday evening dinner we had music from a male quartet sponsored by Glen Gall to entertain us.  They took us down memory lane and honored our guests who had served in the armed forces.  Robert Loch can still salute and march with the best of the Air Force; our thanks to all who have served and those who are serving today.  We need you and we appreciate you!  Loren Yeakley related Percy and Vivian Moore stories and history (and stayed within his allotted time).  We need to remember Percy’s generosity because it enabled us to establish a Heisey Museum.  Loren related how Percy was also a “rascal” but a good Heisey man who put his talents, time, and money toward making HCA a success.  Thank you, Loren, for your time and stories for us to enjoy – so glad you were there to share.


Robert Loch, closely contested by Darlene and Gordon Cochran, won a special prize for traveling the greatest distance.  Robert won the highly-coveted Corn Hat and he donned it immediately.  Very dapper and we thank Phil Abrams for parting with that traveling treasure.  (We sure missed Phil and Sally and hope to see them soon).


Saturday morning was beautiful and sunny for our drive to Pat and Rex Luckes’ lovely home for brunch .  What a treat to tour and see their vast Heisey collection!  They made us all feel so comfortable and welcome.  The tables were heaped with delicious food; the desserts were overwhelming – almost!  Thank you, Pat and Rex, for such a special time.


Back to the Country Club on Saturday evening for more fun and good food.  Trudy Mock had transformed the tables into a new look with Warwick vases and mums befitting the “Heisey Harvest” theme.  I’m sure many folks went home with new ideas for using their Heisey pieces.  Custom-made Diamond H chocolates were at each place setting – compliments of Mary, Gregg, and Glen.  Steaks and pork tenderloins were the entrée choices and they were both winners (we had one vegetarian among us and she knows who she is).  I heard many “great steak” comments and similar kudos for the pork entrée.  William McKelvey, HCA Board Vice-President, conducted the quarterly meeting and also the regular HCA Board meeting held on Friday.  We’re not sure that was a fun time but it was necessary.  William gladly accepted a ceremonial “big” check of $250,000 for the endowment fund challenge from Darlene and Gordon Cochran.  Thank you for being there, William.


‘Happy and well fed’ makes for good bidders so the auction of Heisey and special feasibility items began.  Board member Michael Maher provided the truant Heisey truck for bids on a one-year lease basis.  Kim Carlisle bid the highest and gets to garage it and return it to Newark.  The auction bids were spirited and kept Auctioneer John “Carnac” Mock busy.  We hope everyone loves their new Heisey pieces, the unusual feasibility animals, and the #2 signed Heisey ornament.  “Thank you” to all our club members and others who donated glass or made cash donations—all proceeds go to the HCA operating fund.  HCA members are generous and supported this event with gusto.  We had a mini-show as an exit event and we heard it was successful.  Thank you to all the dealers.


Sixty people came, saw, and conquered our PVM weekend in Omaha.  There was a great deal of planning and work to pull off the fun but our club enjoyed doing it.  There were 27 Great Plains members in attendance and we thank each and every member.  We also appreciate the attendees who made the trip from distant states – we know they now better understand our frequent pilgrimages to Newark.


On Sunday morning our Great Plains Club had a brief post-event meeting with another delicious brunch at Mock Manor.  Thank you Chef John and Sous Chef Helen.  We honored Mary and Gregg Cameron for their Endowment Challenge work in a small way with a gift of an unusual  #1055 Astor goblet (thanks to Eric Tankesley-Clarke).  We would like to think we provided another fine PVM weekend for all who attended.  We missed some members who are dealing with health issues and wish them a speedy recovery.  Our thanks to each person who came to be with us.  We hope you received some Midwest hospitality, had some fun, and made some good memories – and maybe added a piece of Heisey or 2 to your collection.  The best part of any event always is being with our Heisey friends!


Oh, did we raise any money for the HCA operating fund?  I would say so -- $10,090!! Thanks to all who donated, raffled, and bought.  I suspect this is a new record for a PVM event (eclipsing the previous record set by our club in 2006).  It sets the bar pretty high for future PVM memorial weekends but we won’t be upset at all if someone surpasses us.


Summary of 2012 Percy & Vivian Moore Proceeds
$ 3,760.00 – Auction Proceeds- GPHC Donated Items
$ 1,595.00 – Auction Proceeds-HCA Feasibility Items
$ 3,000.00 – Cash Donations-GPHC Members
$    662.00 – GPHC Dealer Table Sales
$    120.00 – Dealer Table Rentals
$    775.00 – GPHC Raffle Proceeds (3)
$    178.00 – All Other Income$10,090.00 – Total Proceeds to HCA Operating Fund