March 24, 2012


Bingo! The Great Plains Heisey Club won with a beautiful March day and a great meeting at Jean Will’s home in Leavenworth, KS. The 18 club members in attendance dined on delicious Kansas City BBQ so we were mellowed out for our meeting. President John Mock called the meeting to a semblance of order, the minutes were approved and the Treasurer’s report given.


We were proud of our club members for meeting and exceeding the Lucke challenge to raise money for the Endowment Fund to be matched by Gordon and Darlene Cochran.


Our Percy and Vivian Moore event chairman Gregg Cameron handled the bulk of this meeting as we discussed plans and activities for the September 7 & 8, 2012 function to be held in Omaha, NE. Good planning headway was made and everyone is requested to join in the fun; a great time is guaranteed. Details will follow soon on our website and in the Heisey News.


Eric Tankesley-Clarke brought some examples of colonial goblets and explained their similarities and their differences. Eric also showed some old Heisey catalogs, a wealth of information – both Eric and the printed materials! Thanks, Eric. Tom Files had prepared a fun game “What’s in the Bag?” that was entertaining and challenging. We may see more of this in the future – thanks, Tom.


Trudy Mock’s ‘Martha’s Moment’ was a perplexing ad in the current Pottery Barn catalog.  There was an arrangement of candlesticks pictured and they all appeared to be replicas of elegant glassware company productions – including Heisey’s #1469 Ridgeleigh 2 inch square footed one.  We’re going to visit one of their stores to actually view the items.


We had a lively 50-50 auction of Jean’s tasty homemade jams and a few pieces of Heisey.  Thanks to Jean for that extra effort to make the jams (cherry is my favorite) and to keep our pantries supplied.


Our show and tell was a bountiful display of Heisey acquired over the winter.  Some of the items:  #2 Horsehead bookends, #473 individual nut dish, #1540 Sparky, #5010 Symphone cordial with Danish Princess cutting, #3416 Barbara Fritchie claret with Del Monte cutting, #339 Continental table sugar with cover, #341 1/2 Puritan cream and covered sugar, #353 Medium Flat Panel cream and sugar with possibly a Tuthill cutting, #371 colonial syrup with cutting, #411 and #414 Tudor goblets, #1205 Fancy Loop 1/2 gal. tankard in Emerald, #3324 Delaware goblet in Hawthorne with checkered optic, #8030 Liverpool goblet, #343 Sunburst covered sugar, #3397 Gascony cream and sugar, #1127 Fine Tooth plate, to name a few of the pieces shown.


The meeting was adjourned so we could enjoy dessert. Jean made a wonderful pineapple angel food cake and there were yummy cookies too. Thanks to Jean and Bucky for hosting our fine first of the year gathering. And thanks to all GPHC members for pitching in and accepting jobs for our upcoming PVM event. 


Several of us will be in Newark for the Spring Benefit Auction and we look forward to seeing everyone, enjoying that fun, seeing the Museum, and maybe buying a piece or more of Heisey we can’t live without.


Our next meeting will be May 12 at Glen Gall’s home in the Des Moines area – members and guests are always welcome. Visit our website at www.greatplainsheiseyclub.org for all our news and updates.