July 21, 2012


Mapquest nor Google will show it!  Your GPS won’t show it!  But you’ll want to find it!  Let me explain – our July GPHC meeting was at “Mock Manor” in Omaha.  You arrive and at the side of their garage an Amber Flying Mare is “planted” in with a variety of flowers.  (More info about that later).


Twenty members were present to enjoy a wonderfully delicious lunch – a preview of food items to come in September for the Percy and Vivian Moore attendees so I won’t give too many details.  Trudy had made her magic macaroni salad, special corn, and a refreshing fruit salad – we all ate too much but enjoyed every morsel.


Trudy started with her “Martha Moment” by giving us a tour of real Heisey pieces “planted” in her landscaping around the back and side yard.  Yes, the pieces had chips and small flaws, but an interesting (and different) way to still enjoy Heisey favorites.


President John Mock officially called the meeting to order (back inside the house) where previous meeting minutes were approved and the Treasurer’s report was given.  Our club made a donation at the convention to the endowment fund totaling $1,750.  Also, a surprise donation was made in Tom Files’ honor for his service on the HCA Board.  Pat and Rex Lucke made a large donation to the endowment fund in honor of their 50th wedding anniversary.  Congratulations!  Gregg and Mary Cameron, Tom and Kathy Files, and Bucky Will made contributions of meats, cheeses, buns, lettuce, and fruit to the convention Hospitality Room – it vanished quickly with lots of folks at the Museum for the convention.


We praised and thanked the Cameron’s for their hard work to bring about a super endowment fund brunch and glass display at the Longaberger CC.  Gregg took many wonderful pictures – check out our club website at www.greatplainsheiseyclub.org to enjoy the event one more time via photos.  Another club member, Eric Tankesley-Clarke, was a first time convention attendee, but from his Heisey News articles you know he was a great addition to the ID panel.  It was stressed our club members need to attend the Percy Moore Weekend so we can make visitors feel right at home.  I think we all behaved ourselves and helped make the convention another great memory with good people.

Gregg Cameron, chairman of the Percy Moore Weekend event, handled a large portion of the meeting going over planning details.  Assignments and timetables were established.


Eric presented a super program about puff boxes and had nearly all of the 35 different patterns arranged into a beautiful display.  He also provided a very helpful handout that will benefit everyone on our “hunting” trips.  Thank you, Eric, you never disappoint when you cover a topic.

We passed the hat (Sunburst nappy) for our delicious lunch and our gracious hosts put it all in the treasury.  We’ve got great members!


Show and Tell proved our members have been active Heisey-finders at the convention and other venues.  Here’s some of the items displayed: #7027 Newark Sesquicentennial platter, pair of #8 Jacobean candlesticks, Verlys #960A Rose candy box with Limelight cover, #150 Banded Flute molasses, #7030 Vaseline pie plate ovenware, #1516 mirror handle, #325 Pillows ice tub, Clydesdale, #1205 Fancy Loop salt & pepper, #339 Continental hotel cream and sugar, pair of #141 Edna candlesticks, #8004 Christy goblet, #1403 Dowager grapefruit, #1509 Queen Ann DF mint with underplate and spoon – #503 Minuet etch, #7008 Krall Rose goblet, #1463 Quaker nappy, #22 floral block, #4054 Coronation old fashioned in Dawn with screen optic, #1485 Saturn bitters bottle, #3397 Gascony decanter and wine with #455 Sportsman etch, pair of #1405 Ipswich candlevase inserts in Sahara, #121 Fancy Square tumbler, #1415 20th Century milk pitcher in Dawn, Giraffe, #1255 Pineapple and Fan hotel sugar in black Emerald, and a #8029 Princess Lily goblet with #1083 Jungle Flower rock crystal cutting.  Whew!


A 50-50 auction was held to raise money for the treasury because we cleared it out at the convention with our contribution to the endowment fund.   A lot of nice Heisey pieces changed hands, 15 Spanish goblets with various cuttings, for example.  Jean’s jam and jellies (plum and blackberry this time) were also big hits as usual.  Thanks to all our glass donors and Jean for the jams and jellies.


Our meeting was adjourned because it was dessert time!  Hostess Trudy had made sugar cookies and a strawberry cake.  Janice Miller brought a tasty pineapple cake and Kathy Files made a gooseberry pie with berries provided by John Mock’s sister, Arleta Howard.  (It’s a long story). 


There was a treat to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth – the variety was not predictable but they all worked.


Another thanks to John and Trudy for being terrific hosts – their Heisey is beautifully displayed throughout their lovely home (and outside too).  They always make us welcome and they will welcome everyone to Omaha in September for the Percy and Vivian Moore event.  Get your reservations made today!  “Let us Entertain You” as the song says (with a bit of paraphrasing).