Fandango Pitcher

The Great Plains Heisey Club

Members from Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska


November 9, 2019

All our meetings are “great” -- we are the Great Plains Heisey Club after all.  However, our last meeting lived up to “2019 Grand Finale” status.

We met at the lovely home of Mary & Gregg Cameron in Ankeny, IA.  Guest Chef Matt was on duty so delightful aromas greeted us at the front door promising a delicious lunch co-hosted by Bev and Bob Heise – we were not disappointed!  After that tasty repast featuring Iowa pork (what else?) we headed downstairs for our meeting.  President John Mock called us to order (no small task) convening 24 GPHC members and 4 guests.  We were so pleased to have Pam & Kim Carlisle visiting from Indiana and our program presenter from Wisconsin, Dr. Chuck Bingham.

A basket was passed for lunch donations – all proceeds donated to the treasury – thank you, Mary and Gregg.

September 2019 minutes were approved and Tom Files presented the Treasurer's report.  Gregg updated HCA Board activities for us.  Nominations were made for 2020 officers – all incumbents – the election to be held at our March meeting.  (Campaigns are underway – NOT). 

John Mock was the winner of the Percy and Vivian Moore “Road Find” trophy and his recap of the Louisville event included references to the Texas Heisey Club.  That trophy is really racking up some miles.  Again, we thank and compliment the Kentucky Club for their efforts to make the PVM weekend so successful.

Ten of our GPHC members attended the October Dave Spahr fall auction in Newark.  Many of us take part in the auction's labor force and are happy to do so.  The auction was a success with great pieces of Heisey and strong bidders winning beautiful additions for their collections.

Our Club acknowledged HCA's loss of Charlene Bowman who contributed so much to Heisey with her support over the years.  We considered Charlene a good friend and will miss her on every future trip to Newark.

John provided a Carpet Committee update.  Bids are being received and the Committee is hopeful a recommendation can be made to HCA soon in order for them to complete the project  early next year.

Trudy Mock presented her “Martha Moment” showing examples of using Heisey orphans to create Christmas décor.  Many of you probably saw her photos on Facebook.  By the way, there were adult beverages involved.

Dr. Chuck Bingham, a member of the Northwoods Heisey Club, traveled from Eau Claire, WI, to grace us with his Verlys knowledge for our educational program.  He brought a table full of beautiful Verlys examples and provided us with a booklet of information for shopping support.  It was a great experience to receive this program and learn of the Verlys connection to Heisey as well as Holophane, Fenton, and France.  Thank you, Dr. Chuck, for a truly stellar program.  He also provided a door prize of a lovely Verlys vase that was won by Jenny Bragg – lucky girl!

We had another table full of pieces for Show & Tell:  Stanhope cream & sugar/black knobs, ½ gallon Prince of Wales pitcher, Plantation footed mayo/Rose etching/silver base, Petticoat Dolphin candlestick/Flamingo, Old Sandwich ashtray/Flamingo, oval Ridgeleigh cigarette holder/ashtray, Warwick cornucopia/Gateway cutting, Agua Caliente cocktails—Lancaster & Equestrian etchings, National tumbler/#9012 Victory etching, Temple footed ice tea/#431 Victory etching, #8024 Pineapple cocktail, Richelieu 3 oz. wine or pony brandy, Marshall decanter/Breaching Sailfish engraving, Lodestar(?) cream made from #102 tumbler/Dawn, and Verlys pieces – salt cellar/Dragonfly design, frosted Duck over Pond soap dish, Mandarin vase/crystal.

A “50/50” auction and Jean's jam sales were held as treasury fundraisers.  The top sellers were a complete Saturn condiment set in a custom wood holder, a Coronation martini mixer with #9012 Victory etching, and a Punty & Diamond Point mucilage bottle with brush top.  Thanks to all the consignors.

Our 2019 “grand finale” meeting was adjourned for dessert time.  There were numerous choices provided by Chef Matt, Bev Heise, and Lynn Echternkamp to please our sweet tooth.  All were delicious so the many happy remarks were very accurate and well-deserved.

This last 2019 GPHC meeting was lots of fun and very informative so we will be eager to begin a new year in 2020.  Guests are always welcome to join us.  We've been in existence for 20 years and look forward to beginning year #21 and seeing our Heisey family & friends and continuing to learn about our favorite glassware.  More about our club including pictures can be found on our website 

We wish everyone a healthy holiday season filled with thanks and a Merry Christmas.