Fandango Pitcher

The Great Plains Heisey Club

Members from Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska


July 13, 2019

Our July, 2019 meeting was held in Lee's Summit, MO at the venue of the National Depression Glass Association's 46th annual convention and show.  A very nice show, sale, and displays with 25 dealers from all over the country.  Tom and I staffed a table promoting Heisey (and signed up 1 new member for HCA).  Our club members shopped and purchased at a rapid pace before our meeting began at 1 pm.

The NDGA provided us with a private room for our 17 members in attendance – with Lehi and Chris German seated at the “head” table.  President John Mock and Trudy “Martha” Mock were enjoying an Alaskan vacation so Treasurer Tom Files presided.  Our May meeting minutes were approved and Tom put on his other hat to give a Treasury report.

It was reported 18 GPHC members attended the HCA June convention in Newark.  Congrats to all the planners and worker bees for a job well done to pull off another successful convention with a super theme, “Off to the Races”.  Thanks were also given to our Museum curator and staff for their time and effort.  Always a pleasure to visit with everyone and engage in all the activities.

Our club is very proud of our members' efforts to make a Big Dream come true by donating $31,469 for new carpet throughout our precious HCA Museum addition.  Our members stepped up to meet and exceed the HCA estimate of $30,000 to accomplish this goal.  We want our Museum to be at its most beautiful level AND be safe for visitors.  We think it is the pride of all glass Museums and we look to keep it that way for years to come.  Our club appointed a carpet committee to work with HCA to mutually agree on the best quality, as well as the most beautiful, carpet that our money can buy.  The officers and carpet committee of our club personally thank all of our members (and a generous friend from Washington state) who donated money to enhance and refresh our Heisey Museum in this way.  It shows help from numerous folks can make Big Dreams come true.

Board member Gregg Cameron reported on the election of new Board members and other Board activities.

Several of our GPHC members said they are looking forward to attending the Percy and Vivian Moore event in Louisville.  Indications are the Kentucky study club is letting out the reins to provide everyone with a great weekend.

Since we were at a shared venue and time limited, our program was a little different:  To bring and discuss a piece of Heisey with special meaning – a favorite, one with family ties, unique features, where it was found, or whatever reason made it special to the owner.  Some interesting stories were told. A Heisey encounter with a TSA agent at an airport.  An Emerald plaid vase purchase had a special family tie.  An early acquisition of a Touraine one-handled nappy with red flash was a favorite.  A two handled oval Fern floral bowl with Rose Etch added a missing piece to a Rose Etch collection.  'Right' and 'Left' Greek Key tumblers were an oddity we hadn't seen.  A Pineapple & Fan cake salver was a special find.  Three footed Rose Bowls (Pillows, Prince of Wales, and Sunburst) with a blank space for the missing one (Kalonyal).  And many more stories made for an interesting and informative discussion.  We'll have to do this many stories remain untold.

Our club has a very special elder in Jean Will who also is a former HCA Board member.  Jean brought her now famous jams and jellies to sell to our members with proceeds to HCA.  Plus, this time she donated $100 to our treasury that she had received from making sewing items for a friend.  Jean's generosity is a lesson for all of us!

Jennifer Mock Bragg provided refreshments – beautiful mini cupcakes arranged on a lovely Wampum tray in the shape of a Diamond H.  Thank you, Jen, for an enjoyable tasty treat for our eyes and our stomachs.  And Kelly Bragg supplied the Diamond H banner adorning the front of our show table.

Our meeting was adjourned with the advice our next meeting will be September 14 at John & Trudy Mocks' home in Omaha, NE.  Guests are always welcome to join us.  Check out our website  for more news and pictures.