Fandango Pitcher

The Great Plains Heisey Club

Members from Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska


September 14, 2019

On September 14, 2019, 32 people met at the lovely home of John and Trudy Mock in Omaha to celebrate our 100th Great Plains Heisey Club meeting and our 20th year as a chartered Heisey Study Club.

First, as always, we had a delicious Italian themed lunch provided by our hosts John and Trudy and co-hosts LaDon and Bill Kallmer along with Kathy and Tom Files.  It was a full house in many ways – think full stomach as well as a large group.

President Mock convened the meeting by welcoming members and 3 visitors who later decided to join our zany group (Louise and Harry Clayton and Jeene Hobbs).  Minutes of our July meeting were approved and Treasurer Tom Files gave our current treasury report after our club's donation for new carpet for the HCA Museum.

Marcie Bergquist was the lucky winner of the raffle box contents that included a Plantation footed gardenia bowl and other Heisey treasures.  HCA Board member Gregg Cameron gave an update on Board issues and activities.  At least 10 members of our Club planned to make the trip to Kentucky for the Percy & Vivian Moore weekend.

Trudy Mock's “Martha's Moment” was how to make and use felt pieces to place between Heisey bowls and large plates when stacking them in cabinets.

Mary Cameron spoke about how she and Marilyn Sampson combined efforts to begin our Club 20 years ago.  Thanks were given to Mary and the late Marilyn Sampson for nurturing our Club roots.  Since then our Club has hosted 2 PVM events, have had 4 members serve on the HCA Board, served on numerous HCA Board committees, provided display tables at the conventions, volunteered to help with HCA auctions, and made many large contributions to support our Museum and Endowment Fund.  It was noted Tom Files has attended every meeting – 100 in all – and Kathy Files is right behind at 99.  The many friends we've all made tops the list of memories for GPHC members.

Our program “SAGE”, Eric Tankesley-Clarke, presented “A Centennial Exposition” to inform us what Heisey began producing 100 years ago in 1919.  His great glass display, thorough information, and detailed 10 page handout for reference combined for a brilliant program.  Thanks to Eric for producing yet another wonderful program enhancing our Heisey education!

Show and Tell included the many examples displayed for Eric's presentation.  Plus:  #500 Octagon nappy nesting set in Moongleam; Crystolite bon bon; outside firm wire holder with Heisey Colonial pieces; Empress goblet in Sahara; rare Imperial Swan from Heisey mold in Horizon Blue; #473 Narrow Flute with Rim 8” flared vase with gold trim; Toujours 2-light candlestick with elaborate cutting; #46 epergne; and a vase made from the bottom half of a Colonial basket.  We also held a brief auction where lucky bidders were able to take home some additional donated Heisey items.

President Mock adjourned the meeting for some tasty Italian desserts.  Our next meeting will be November 9 at the home of Mary and Gregg Cameron in Ankeny, IA.  A guest presenter, Dr. Chuck Bingham from the Northwoods Heisey Club will enlighten us on Verlys by Heisey.  Guests are always welcome.  And check our website  for additional information and pictures.