Fandango Pitcher

The Great Plains Heisey Club

Members from Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska


March 16, 2019

After a one week weather delay, we met at Glen Gall's home in Urbandale, IA  for our first meeting of 2019.  A  long winter but 15 members came together to enjoy a fantastic lunch prepared by Glen and family members Peg, Jim, Carla, and Brian.  Their combined efforts and talents produced great food and pretty flower arrangements in lovely Heisey vases.  Glen generously donated the lunch proceeds from “Pass the Hat” to our treasury and ultimately to HCA.

The official election of officers brought about the same results – John Mock, President; Kathy Files, Secretary; Tom Files, Treasurer.  We're either very good or very gullible when the members compliment us and keep us in office.  Our Great Plains members are easy to please and help in many ways!

The November 2018 minutes were approved and Tom gave the Treasurer's report.  Jean Will donated money a friend gave her for making jelly and knitting dish cloths to be used as Christmas gifts – another kind gesture for which we thank Jean!

Gregg Cameron gave us an update on HCA Board activities and “dream” projects.  Thanks for serving, Gregg.  Eight of our members plan to attend the Spring Auction in Newark – others will be submitting absentee bids.  More are planning on attending the Convention in June.  Several members are planning display tables at the show.

“Martha's Moment” by Trudy Mock was a picture display of how Heisey dishes were used at a luncheon she hosted.  The message – get creative!  Trudy also showed a placque about living with dust on our glassware – don't stress, we all have it.

Mary Cameron presented a program on the Cabochon pattern.  A great display table of Cabochon examples and a very informative handout that will help us out in the 'wild' were provided.  It's not a large pattern line but some of the pieces (especially in Dawn and Zircon and with Heisey cuttings) are very desirable.  Thanks to Mary for enlightening us and making Cabochon come alive.

Show and Tell was relatively small but we had Glen's extensive collection throughout his house to serve as Show and Tell.  Some items from members:  Queen Ann Lily bowl with Rose Etch; Greek Key cheese and cracker; Penn Charter goblet with St. Anne cutting; Park Lane goblet with Cohassett cutting; Plain Band footed comport; and a green Fostoria shrimp cocktail with icer insert (how did that sneak in this Heisey meeting?).

The 50/50 auction had some desirable items thanks to Milt & Rose and some pieces from Max Wiese's collection that were dear to him.

Thanks to Glen for hosting our first meeting of 2019 and providing a wonderfully delicious lunch and dessert bar.  His great kitchen crew was invaluable.

Looking forward to our next meeting May 11, 2019, hosted by Chris and Lehi German in Kansas City, MO.