Fandango Pitcher

The Great Plains Heisey Club

Members from Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska


May 11, 2019

“April showers bring May flowers”.  We've had an abundance of showers and the hillside was covered in beautiful flowers at our hosts' home in Kansas City, MO.  Chris and Lehi German hosted 25 members and 3 guests for our May 11 Great Plains Heisey Club meeting.

A superb lunch was the kickoff with Lehi's smoked meats and side dishes fulfilling everyone's BBQ dreams.  So delicious and such an opening for a wonderful afternoon.

In spite of folks being in a food coma, President John Mock welcomed everyone.  We were happy to see returning members, Michael and Marcia Philbrick from Seneca, KS.  And sadly, we acknowledged the death of long time member Rick Baker from Des Moines.

Our hosts generously donated the proceeds from “pass the hat” to our Treasury and ultimately to the benefit of HCA – thank you, Chris and Lehi.

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved and the Treasury report given.  Gregg Cameron gave us an HCA Board actions update and the raffle drawing winners were announced:  Trudy Mock, Eric Tankesley-Clarke, and Chris German.

Numerous GPHC members had attended the HCA Spring auction and worked (or bought) to insure a successful outcome.  Tom and I are always pleased to invest that sweat equity to help HCA and honor the auction manager for so many years, Dave Spahr.  Our club will also have many members present for the 2019 Convention in June.  Anxious to “Race for the Roses”, there will be many of our crew preparing display tables for your enjoyment.

Trudy provided her “Martha Moment” of a “Heisey Queen” inscribed insulated tumbler.  The Mock family has provided “Heisey keeps me poor but happy” pins and the Files' family provided Heisey Cabochon magnets that look really good on the back deck of your car.  Both are for sale in the Museum gift shop to benefit HCA.

Another feature of this meeting was to celebrate a Big Happy Birthday for Jean Will – 90 years young.  Since Jean always makes jams and jellies to sell at our meetings to raise money for HCA, the program was on Heisey's one handled jellies.  Jean's daughter, Bucky, provided most of the pieces that Eric used for the program.  Eric titled it “Jean's Jelly Jubilee” and a full table made a beautiful display.  Along with Eric's informative 4 page handout, we had a great program – almost 50 different one handled jellies either pictured or on display – quite a sight.  Sorry to all the folks who don't get to learn from and enjoy a program by Eric.  Such a wealth of information for us to savor – thank you, Eric and thanks to Bucky for sharing her wonderful collection.

We were treated to some nice pieces in the Show & Tell segment and some rarely seen ones.  The unusual sugars included Petal with a solid lid, Banded Diamond Foot, and a #8076 Davis hotel sugar with an unknown cutting.  The #1257 footed sherbet appeared without a lid, ergo a sherbet and not a sugar.  A pair of #100 shelf supports were quite hefty.  A Schnaidt water bottle in Flamingo with diamond optic was featured.  A Queen Ann claret with #127 Diane cutting from the Krall Studios was impressive.  A show unto themselves but we were also able to view the following beautiful items:  Spanish goblet in Tangerine to the red side, Aqua Caliente cocktail with Skier etching, Rose stem dinner bell with Heisey Rose etching, #110 Dolphin candlestick/Flamingo, Cobel cocktail shaker with Arctic etching, Steele rose bowl/Moongleam, Old Sandwich cigarette holder, and a Regency puff box with a Max Seidel cutting.  The sad tale shown was a pair of Ballstem candlesticks with cutting – half of one base broken off in shipping.

Lots of items from a member who is down-sizing his collection were sold in our 50/50 auction to happy buyers.

The meeting was adjourned for dessert time – great pies from our hosts and cookies from Ande Henne.