November 8, 2014


At convention this year, our HCA Director/Curator, Jack Burriss, expressed a desire to meet with some study clubs.  Several generous Great Plains Heisey Club members called out “OK, hit the road Jack” and offered to finance his trip to one of our meetings.  We were pleased Jack accepted our offer and agreed to take his personal time to join us in Omaha on November 8.  We were also glad Sparky could make the trip.


Marcie and Eric Bergquist hosted the meeting at their lovely, recently remodeled home with 27 members (plus Jack and Sparky) in attendance.  We started the meeting with a lunch featuring a medley of chilis provided by the hosts plus other potluck offerings.  Just the thing on a crisp fall day in Nebraska.


After President Mock called the meeting to order, he asked Jack to provide a brief update of changes at the Museum and upcoming events and respond to questions/comments from the attendees.  Then the previous meeting minutes were approved and the treasurer report given.  Officers for 2015 were nominated (same as 2014:  John Mock, President; Kathy Files, Secretary; Tom Files, Treasurer and Eric Tankesley-Clarke was appointed Program Director for life by President Mock), 2015 dues were collected, and 2015 meeting hosts/dates were set: 

March - Glen Gall - Urbandale, IA
May - John and Trudy Mock - Omaha, NE
July - Jean and Bucky Will - Leavenworth, KS
September - Marcie and Eric Bergquist - Omaha, NE
November - Pat and Rex Lucke - Elkhorn, NE
Meeting dates and program subjects will be set later but the meetings are typically the second Saturday of the month.


Trudy Mock gave a “Martha’s Moment” idea for dinner party place cards.  She demonstrated using Heisey toothpick holders (Ivorina Verde ones for Fall) containing silk leaves with attendee names written on the leaves.  Clever and attractive use of Heisey.


Eric Tankesley-Clarke presented an interesting program on the innovative ways Heisey modified moulds to create different pieces or, as Eric put it, “Same old mould, brand new tricks”.  It was based on a letter from Heisey salesman Rod Irwin to Clarence Heisey in the 1940s (thanks Texas Club for the idea) but Eric included many more examples.  It was impressive to see a large table of before and after Heisey pieces supplied by Eric and other members.  Great program, Eric, and thanks for the accompanying handout.


Show and Tell followed and included some great recent finds by our members:  Octagon variety tray with elaborate cutting; Waverly salver vase, footed; Janice vase, Alexandrite; Panel and Diamond Point goblet; Queen Ann ice bucket, Everglade cutting & “Sample” engraving; Plantation 3 part relish; Cathedral vase, Sahara with Calcutta cutting; unusual Crystolite shell bon bon; Oakwood 8 oz. soda with Western Scene etch; Saturn vase, Limelight; Rococo cheese and cracker platter; 2 sets salad spoon & Fork, one plain - one with beads; #1253 Twist tricorner mint, Flamingo with cutout for lid…..and several other nice pieces.


We then conducted a lively auction of donated Heisey to raise money for the treasury.  And, as usual, Jean’s jams and jellies were best sellers.


The meeting was adjourned so we could eat again – this time wonderful desserts provided by our club members.  We enjoyed hosting Jack this weekend and hope he had a good time attending our club meeting and meeting our members, seeing some Nebraska member homes and Heisey collections, and just observing how things are done “Great Plains” style.