May 10, 2014


A Mother’s Day brunch – the perfect beginning for a Great Plains Heisey Club meeting at the home of Mary & Gregg Cameron in Ames, IA on May 10.  Superb guest chef Matt provided a buffet of wonderful dishes (see our web site for recipes) and a variety of scones and muffins.  Those maple scones were devilishly delicious.  Thank you Matt for another great food experience.


President John Mock had the difficult task of calling our meeting to order.  The previous minutes were approved and Treasurer Tom Files reported our account balance as $2,082.  Members Bill and La Don Kallmer will soon be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary – congratulations to them!


Mary Cameron is finishing her term on the HCA Board of Directors in June and we thanked her for her efforts.  Mary reported on HCA happenings including improvements to the Guest Engagement Area that received a designated donation of $1,800 from our club, progress on the new candlestick book, and other products to look for at HCA’s convention in June.


Trudy’s “Martha Moment” was a display showing how to use Heisey bowls and a toothpick holder to make an iced serving set up for chilled fresh fruit – ‘tis the season!  That got us in the mood to talk about the convention theme “Be Our Guest”.  GPHC members Pat & Rex Lucke and Glen Gall will each have tables in the show display area.  Be sure to check them out and bring dollars to vote on best display.


Tom and Kathy Files will be at the National Depression Glass Convention in Wellington, KS to represent HCA, display some Heisey from their collection, and, hopefully, recruit some new members for HCA.  Join us July 12-13.


Eric Tankesley-Clarke provided our program “A Heisey Florilegium” (a book picturing flower gardens).  Eric had a LARGE table filled with Heisey stems with Heisey floral cuttings.  A large handout of photos assisted us by giving the stem numbers/names and the cutting numbers/names.  I wish we were more proficient students so we could match Eric’s expertise as a teacher!  Thank you, Eric, for another great session.


Quite a beautiful and diverse group of items were displayed for Show & Tell.  Plus a few interesting items brought to ID.  Pieces included:  Carter inkwell; Toujours apple marmalade with deep cutting; Elizabeth candlesticks; Empress handled sandwich plate with Fuchsia cutting; Grid & Square 1/2 gal. jug; Medium Flat Panel sanitary straw tray; Sunburst toothpick; Spanish cordial with unknown cutting; two Yeoman puff jars – one Moongleam with Windsor cutting, one crystal iridized with inscription; Medium Flat Panel measuring cup; Ribbon Candy 1 pt. jug; and Twist cream & sugar with cover in Moongleam to name just some of the items.  Now the mystery pieces:  The base of an unknown-maker piece similar to the Flat Panel tobacco or lavender jar in Flamingo; a Saturn item that appeared to be the base of the mustard but had a different, thicker sham; and an 8 inch crystal plate with a ship cutting that closely resembled the style and quality of the ship cutting on the Krall cabinet.


An auction was held to raise money for the treasury.  Winners went home happy with Heisey pieces, Jean’s jellies, and pendants made from the bottom of Pillows nappies.


The meeting was adjourned so we could feast on desserts that were more highlights from Chef Matt.  We’re looking forward to seeing everyone in Newark at our annual convention and all the good times with Heisey friends.