September 13, 2014


Saturday, September 13, 2014, was a crisp pre-Fall day in Nebraska – a great day to go to the lake – Beaver Lake to be exact.  Our wonderful hosts were Rich and Karen Gregerson who have a delightful home there with many collections to be enjoyed.  Antiques of all sorts – beautiful furniture to classy classic cars moved us from room to room to garage.


Lunch was delicious as potluck reigned and Karen anchored the meal with enchiladas and various snacks throughout the house.  Thank you, Rich and Karen.


President John Mock called the meeting to order – difficult job with 25 members present.  The minutes of the July meeting were approved and the treasurer’s report given.  Gregg Cameron was spotlighted for his scanning project for HCA, about 9,500 pages to date.


Trudy’s “Martha’s Moment” featured a photo of the chandelier in the church where the funeral service was held for our late member, Marilyn Sampson.  No wonder Marilyn was drawn to our elegant Heisey glass since she saw sparkling glass above her every Sunday.


Program Director Eric Tankesley-Clarke presented “Two patterns joined at the hip – #1401 Empress and 1509 Queen Ann”.  Great information and a full table of examples.  So sorry all HCA members didn’t get to enjoy Eric’s comprehensive and educational program.  Thank you, Eric, another home run.


An auction was held to replenish our depleted treasury, the balance after this meeting is $917.  Thanks to all who donated glass for sale, Jean Will who donated her famous jams and jellies, and to all the successful bidders.


Show and Tell didn’t have as many items as usual since many attendees brought pieces for the program but it wasn’t lacking in quality.  Items included: Puritan compote with Tuthill cutting, #7053 Beaded Line cream, Rococo 2 handled nappy, Cathedral vase in Sahara, Priscilla condiment tray, #1589 rye bottle with stopper – both with vertical line cutting, and two #490 Karen colognes with a #4301 puff box – all with the same special engraving.


President John Mock adjourned the meeting in favor of having dessert, all scrumptious with choices to suit everyone. 


Here’s a post-meeting update:  17 GPHC members were able to attend the Percy & Vivian Moore event in Colonial Williamsburg Virginia.  Like the movie – they went by planes, trains, and automobiles.  The scenery along the way was beautiful – tree covered mountains that tested driving skills whether on 2 or 4 lane highways.


There is so much to see and do in Williamsburg and the weather was nearly perfect.  It was great to see the ‘The Lucke Room’ in the Folk Art Museum and the St. George Tucker house that inspired Sid and Mary Edwards to build one like it only better.  The tour of an HCA member’s home and Heisey collection was very special.  I must say the Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry presentations sponsored by the Luckes at the banquet provided great entertainment.  That was history presented in a fashion we won’t forget.  And the good times with Heisey friends is always the high point of these events.  Kudos to Sid and Mary Edwards for single-handedly organizing this fun time in Virginia and donating the majority of items for the fund-raising auctions.  Their hard work was enjoyed by about 70 HCA members.


Our next club meeting will be November 8 in Omaha.  Our special guest will be Jack Burriss, Curator/Director of our spectacular museum.  We are looking for a good turnout so we can treat Jack ‘Great Plains Style’.