March 12, 2022


March 12, 2022, was a very cold day in Ankeny, Iowa but, with warm hearts, 23 members and 3 guests met for our first study club meeting of the year.  Mary and Gregg Cameron hosted a great lunch and venue for a super informative program.  We also enjoyed munching on chocolate covered pecans gifted to our club by Karen and Bobbie Taylo.


Tom Files moderated the meeting as President John Mock wasn't sure he and Trudy would be home from Arizona (they made it just in time).  Tom welcomed our guests:  Colleen Belmont and Kim and Pam Carlisle.  The 'hat' was passed for lunch donations – proceeds graciously donated by our hosts to the club treasury.  Jen Bragg sold raffle tickets for Heisey treasures in a box filled by Donna Nyght.  John Mock won the raffle drawing – his first win!  November 2021 meeting minutes were approved and the Treasurer's report given – the club membership numbers 39.


Returning officers were approved for 2022 and Eric Tankesley-Clarke will continue as our unparalleled program director.  We're always looking for future program ideas and, whatever the subject, Eric always provides informative presentations to educate us.


Future meetings were set:  May 14  Chris & Lehi German – Kansas City, July 9 Ande & Greg Henne – Wellington, KS at the National Depression Glass Association convention, September 10 Donna Nyght – Shawnee, KS, and November 12 in Omaha, NE at Mock Manor.  A good year ahead for our club plus HCA events.


Trudy Mock used her 'Martha Moment' segment to discuss table displays for our June convention show.  Interested in developing a display?  Contact Trudy at  trudysmail@cox.net  for details.


Eric presented the program “Blown vs. Pressed Stem Similarities” for our pleasure and education.  Eric dazzled us with goblets from the Tankesley-Clarke and Cameron collections.  Another great handout was provided to follow along as Eric kept our attention by showing the ways Heisey switched bowls, stems, and optics over their production period to create 'new' stemware lines.


Varied and alluring Heisey pieces were showcased in Show & Tell:
Decorated Bead Swag molasses can/opal; New Era individual nut, Fancy Loop Toothpick/emerald; Stanhope 2 handled triplex relish/Salem variant cutting; 395 Narrow Flute 2 handled mustard; Coronation bar/Dorothy Thorpe Laurel carving; #5012 Berg ashtray or salt/Dorothy Thorpe tropical flower carving; Pineapple & Fan 6” vase/black emerald; Kohinoor candelabra with bobeches & prisms/Zircon; Concave Circle candlesticks/moongleam; Empress shallow Lion's Head bowl/moongleam; and Zodiac candlesticks.


A 50/50 auction produced vigorous bidding for desirable Heisey items with the top seller being a Swan candlestick in moongleam.  And Jean's jams & jellies are always tasty best sellers.


The meeting was adjourned for dessert time.  Mary delighted everyone's sweet tooth with 2 fluffy desserts – 1 with chocolate brownies and 1 with fresh fruit & Angel food cake.  Delish!


Max, have you made it through all this news?  It was so special to see you at the meeting – we know your traveling has been curtailed.  We miss you but are happy to hear you enjoy reading our Heisey news.  Take very good care of yourself & we hope to see you soon.


Thanks to the Camerons for hosting with finesse and making everyone so content and comfortable.  Your displays of Heisey were beautiful – everyone enjoyed viewing the Heisey-filled cabinets, including your new additions.