November 9, 2013


“Here comes Santa Claus – here comes Santa Claus, right down Lucke Lane”. 


On the 9th of November, 23 Great Plains Heisey Club members were treated to an early Christmas with over 20 trees adorned with a variety of beautiful ornaments and holiday décor throughout the Pat and Rex Lucke home in Elkhorn, NE.  So elegant and so lovely!


Our first activity was an excellent lunch buffet featuring some of Pat’s family recipes.  So delicious!


Sleigh bells were heard and much to our surprise, Santa appeared with a gift for Rex Lucke and candy canes for all.  (Hopefully no neighbors thought Pat & Rex had lost their calendars).  Several members had recently celebrated birthdays so we sang to Rich, Mary, Bob, and Glen.  President “Santa” Mock expressed thanks to Pat & Rex for hosting and a Pillows bowl was passed for the lunch collection – with proceeds donated by Pat & Rex to the club treasury.  The previous meeting minutes were approved and the Treasurer’s report was given.  John and Trudy Mock added $40 they had received for hosting a Quester’s meeting.  Heisey was the subject and they shared a display of glass from their personal collection.


Mary gave updated HCA Board news.  Six of our members attended the Percy & Vivian Moore event and auction in Newark and stated their enjoyment of the various activities.  Thanks to the organizers – the home tours and new venues were really appreciated by us out-of-state attendees.


It was called an election of 2014 officers but the recipients considered it a lengthening of their sentences.  President John Mock, Treasurer Tom Files, Secretary Kathy Files continue with no parole or pardon for good behavior in sight.  Eric Tankesley-Clarke was also decreed to remain as Program Director.  It was agreed the 2014 dues would remain at $5 per person.  Gregg reported he is working to resume our website domain arrangement.


The 2014 meeting schedule was preliminarily set as:
March 8 -- Glen Gall
May 10 -- Mary & Gregg
July 12 -- Site TBD
September 13 -- Rich and Karen
November 8 -- Marcie and Eric


“Martha’s Moment” was an admission of “Martha’s Mistakes”.  Two pairs of candlesticks resembling Heisey Crystolite and Patrician turned out to be Cambridge and Fostoria.  Martha warning:  Always take Heisey reference books when hunting!


Eric’s program covered the colors of Emerald and Moongleam.  Those green colors fit the Christmas theme perfectly.  Multiple examples were shown and variations discussed.  Green glass from other companies was also shown for comparison.  Eric gives us so much good information – thank you, Eric, for another great program.


Show & Tell was enlightening as usual.  Members continue to bring “finds” and pieces I sometimes think are not even in the Museum.  Too many to list but some were:  Continental 2 qt. jug; Empress ice bucket/Moongleam; small Horsehead cigarette box; #57 Sweet Scroll puff box/Opal; Susanneh puff box with St. Luke’s Commandery etching; Tudor punch bowl and foot; Wellington 10 inch candlesticks with elaborate cutting; Recessed Panel footed cream and sugar; Empress Lily goblet/Limelight bowl/Saturn optic; Blair goblet with unknown Heisey cutting; #V-835 Wild Ducks 13 1/2 inch bowl/Turquoise(Limelight); and Athena footed candy jar with cutting to name some of the items.


A 50/50 auction and Jean’s jam sales were then held to help the club treasury.  These donated items raised $248.


Check out the pictures and all our latest news on our website www.greatplainsheiseyclub.org.


President Mock adjourned the meeting because it was dessert time.  A table was laden with so many good treats and we enjoyed them all.  Thank you, Pat & Rex, for a fun time at your lovely home.  Everything was a delight and really put us in a holiday mood in early November – so Merry Christmas to all and to all, a good night.