May 11, 2013


Date:  Saturday May 11, 2013.  Place:  Home of Mary and Gregg Cameron in Ames, IA.  Snow:  No, but a brisk wind.  Grass:  Green and some trees and flowers in bloom……..Thus sets the scene for our Great Plains Heisey Club meeting.


Mary and Gregg provided a wonderful lunch with an Italian dish of delicious pasta shells, layered salad, fruit salad, and hot yeasty rolls that scented the air as soon as you came in the front door.  A Cameron friend, Mary Beth, was there to meet and greet and help whenever needed.  Thank you from all our members.


President John Mock called the 18 attendees to order after lunch and began with discussions for various donations to be made at HCA’s June convention.  Some of our members will be helping with the registration process on Wednesday and Thursday.  Our club will have a table at the flea market around the Newark square on Saturday morning with all proceeds to benefit HCA.  Stop by for a bargain!  There will be some Great Plains members at every event during convention so say hello – we’re a friendly group.


“Martha’s Moment” by Trudy Mock was 2 examples of decorations with a floral theme.  A flamingo nasturtium bowl held a coiled flowering branch that surrounded a large sunflower bloom.  The second example was an umbrella in closed position to serve as a holder for silk flowers and tied with ribbon to hang as door décor.  A sweet greeting for anyone and a great segue to our program:  “Heisey with Flowers—April showers bring May flowers”.  Floral names were abundant in Heisey patterns, cuttings, etches, carvings, decorations, and pieces fitting the theme.  Members brought Dorothy Thorpe designed hydrangea stems, “peony” vase (actually a large Warwick vase filled with real and beautiful peonies), Tulip vase in crystal, Petal cream & sugar in Hawthorne (Missouri’s state flower but why did Heisey add the “e” to Hawthorn?), various Ivorina Verde and Opal pieces with rose decorations, a Daisy & Leaves round basket, Crocus candlestick, Lariat floral bowl with a morning glory carving, Bamboo vase, Daisy candlestick, and many more items.  It was a fun program and more “theme” items came to mind as we progressed.


A lot of the Show & Tell pieces were crossovers following our floral program theme:  floral decorated Cane & Bar tankard inscribed “Girard, KS”; Lariat nut cup with Charleton floral decoration; Leaf, Lotus Leaf, Four Leaf, Sunflower, and Rain Drop candlesticks; Fern pieces with Rosalie etch featuring rose petals and leaves; Wabash stems with Mayflower etch.  Other items included a Narrow Flute relish, Flat Panel orange bowl, Duck insert in Moongleam for the #15 flower frog, Pentagon relishes in Flamingo & Moongleam, Glenn marmalade, Rococo celery, Pillows nappy, Stanhope wine with Frosty Dawn etch, original brochures showing early and late Cryst-o-lite and Crystolite spellings, and the elusive Locket on Chain toothpick.


Our 50-50 auction of Heisey and Jean’s jellies was spirited as usual with several items headed to Hutchinson, KS to enlarge the collection of Ande and Greg Henne.


The meeting was adjourned for dessert – an assortment of cupcakes in the cutest floral papers.  Thank you Gregg and Mary for hosting a fun meeting, delicious lunch, and our enjoyment of your great Heisey collection.  You made us so welcome – nothing like Midwest hospitality.

Mock Manor will house our July 20th meeting – that’s in Omaha, NE – “The Good Life” state.  Check out more information and pictures on our website  www.greatplainsheiseyclub.org.