April 13, 2013


Finally!  Was it really a Spring day?  April 13, 2013 was a lovely day for our first meeting of the year -- at Jean Will’s home in Leavenworth, KS  -- after postponing our March date due to snow.  We always feel at home at Jean’s – partly because of the delicious KC BBQ – brisket and chicken – but mostly it’s the “welcome” we receive.  Bucky Will provided the tasty side dishes of BBQ beans, pasta salad, and a unique slaw that everyone enjoyed.


President John Mock called 16 members to order at 1 p.m. and passed the Fandango bowl to collect donations for our wonderful lunch (our generous hosts donated those funds to the treasury).  The current officers were elected to continue their jobs in 2013 (elected or sentenced?).  The minutes and treasurer’s report were approved.


Mary Cameron, current HCA Board member, reported seeing the black Tulip vase that will be the HCA convention souvenir.  Looks to be a winner and very pretty.  We had 10 GPHC members in Newark for the April Spring benefit auction and many were able to purchase great Heisey pieces to enhance their collections (and our Show & Tell).


Trudy’s “Martha Moment” showed pictures of a meeting they hosted for a group of Omaha Questers.  The Mock collection provided an impressive array of Heisey while they presented information to spread the Heisey story.


Eric gave us more insight about his Lodi/Yeoman cream and sugar research.  I won’t spoil his conclusions here as this subject will be one of his future Heisey News articles but it was good stuff!  The second part of the program was “March Madness” (postponed until April).  We were asked to bring a strangely decorated Heisey piece and the group voted a thumbs up or down -- “pretty” or “ugly”.  Varied opinions showed why certain decorative trends sold or sat on shelves.  (During this program President Mock and Mrs. Will had some “snuggle time” on the love seat but don’t tell!).


Show and Tell was a cornucopia of Heisey glass, too much to list it all, but a few examples included:  Octagon tray with elaborate cutting, Colonade sugar shaker, Dohrmann caviar server, Banded Flute root beer and both styles of water jugs, Twist nasturtium bowl/Sahara, Puritan scalloped 3 oz. sherbet/Ivorina Verde, Empress cream and sugar/round base/Flamingo, Flat Panel strawberry plate w/o strainer, New Era footed floral bowl/frosted, Elizabethan 1 oz. crème de mint, Ribbon Candy 1/2 gal. jug, Trojan goblet/Hawthorne, Fancy Square & Diamond Band tumblers, Stanhope covered candy/frosted/black insert, #4 salt & pepper, Waverly comports/Orchid Etch, Country Club 18 oz. soda/screen optic/Limelight, Puritan and Continental covered butters/footed, World candlesticks/Carlton(?) cutting, Empress DF candlesticks/Alexandrite, Dover goblet, and so, so much more.


Our 50/50 sale of Jean’s homemade (and so good) jellies along with several donated pieces of Heisey fattened our treasury.


Our next meeting will be May 11 at Mary and Gregg Cameron’s home in Ames, IA.  We gather at noon and eat at 12:30.  Mary warned we will be Matt-less.


President Mock adjourned the meeting so we could all enjoy dessert.  There were 3 or 4 good choices including carrot cake made by President Mock (recipe available on our website).  Blueberry pie and coconut cake were made by Secretary Kathy Files.  All were very yummy and put smiles on faces for our trips home.


Check for pictures and other information on our website at  www.greatplainsheiseyclub.org. Our ardent webmaster, Gregg Cameron, spend part of his winter updating and improving the site.


Thank you to Jean, Bucky, and Janet for being gracious hostesses for our first meeting of the year.  We always enjoy “doing a little time in Leavenworth” with our Heisey group.