July 12, 2003


John and Trudy Mock kicked off the July meeting with a cookout at their home on the golf course.  Everyone brought a dish to share and eighteen Great Plains Heisey Club members and one guest ate and talked for the first ninety minutes of the meeting.  Everyone agreed this was a great idea because we got a lot of the “Heisey talk” and “Heisey stories” out of the way prior to the meeting.


President Mock called the meeting to order. The Treasurer's Report was approved as presented.  The minutes are posted on the web page for everyone to read at their leisure.  


A discussion was held about raising money for HCA.  We talked about fundraisers, silent auctions, raising dues and many other ideas.  A motion was passed assessing every member $25.00 to be sent to HCA in the name of the Great Plains Heisey Club.  Everyone should have their money to Mary by August 1.  Mary will email the members not present asking for the assessment.  HCA can make use of the money as they see fit.  

Kathy Files gave a report about the HCA Convention.  Six of our members attended, saw lots of Heisey and had lots of fun.  The ID session was smaller than normal.  As club members we need to encourage Heisey collectors to join HCA and especially encourage younger members to join and get involved.  The Silent Auction was organized differently this year and was very fun.  The Centerpiece Fundraiser was a huge success and the club decided that if they repeat that fundraiser we would definitely do a centerpiece next year instead of the $200 cash contribution the club made this year. There were fewer dealers at the show held in the church.


Tom Files gave a report on the huge auction held at the Apple Tree Auction Center during the convention.  He highlighted what the purchase price was of some of the items.  Tom said they sold more items at this auction than the number of items in the museum.  


Next, Tom gave a great quiz about Heisey.  Mary and Gregg will post it on the website.


Our next meeting is September 13 at Bill and Joanne Hagerty’s in Omaha. Marcie Hagerty will do the program on Heisey stems.  On November 8, the Great Plains Club will meet again in Des Moines so the meeting will coincide with Walt Johnson’s Collectors Extravaganza.  Kathy and Trudy will give the program on dresser sets and colognes.


Trudy shared with the group a decorating book that had a piece of Heisey featured in a display in the book.  She also shared all sorts of decorating ideas with glass.


An auction was held for a Leaf Dish in Dawn donated by Jean Will.  Joanne was the lucky bidder.


Our web page has been approved and linked to the HCA main page.  We have purchased the URL for another five years.  Gregg demonstrated the web page for the club and asked that if anyone would like to submit information for the page, to please do so.  


Show and Tell once again produced a huge assortment of items.  The Mock’s had set up a mirror on the counter to host the glass and as usual it was filled to overflowing. (And Gary Corey wasn’t even at the meeting.)  A few of the items included: #1413 Cathedral Vase with cutting; #439 Raised Loop Sugar; #1566 pair of Banded Crystolite Candleblocks; #433 Greek Key five inch handled jelly; #433 Greek Key small covered butter with underplate; #433 Greek Key French roll tray; #407 Coarse Rib jugs in one quart and one pint sizes; #1776  Kalonyal Toothpick; #433 Greek Key crushed fruit; Pillows molasses jug; #1567 Plantation nine inch Salad Bowl;  #1567 Plantation cruet; Coventry goblet with Suez cutting; Winged Scroll emerald ash receiver.


The meeting adjourned and everyone continued to talk Heisey.