May 10, 2003


The Great Plains Heisey Club met on Saturday, May 10 at the home of Rex and Pat Lucke in Elkhorn, Nebraska.  Ten members were present and President John Mock has given up on starting our meetings on time at 1:30.  It takes until at least 2:00 to get everyone settled down from looking at Heisey and talking to start the meeting.


The minutes were approved as emailed to everyone.  The Treasurer's Report was approved as presented.  Treasurer, Tom Files, reported on the money that was spent in the last month to support activities at the HCA Convention.


The Great Plains Heisey Club would like to make special mention and thanks to Rex and Pat Lucke for donating a set of Kohinoor candlesticks complete with bobeches and prisms in the club’s name for the Silent Auction at the Convention. The club greatly appreciates their generosity.  Thanks also to Pat and Rex for donating a frosted Madonna we auctioned at the meeting to raise money for the Great Plains treasury.


At this point eight members of the club will be attending the HCA Convention in June.


The meeting schedule for the rest of 2003 will be July 12th and September 13th in the Omaha area and November 8th in the Des Moines area in conjunction with Walt Johnson’s Extravaganza.


The Great Plains Heisey Club website should become a reality soon.  Mary and Gregg Cameron found a host for the site and we will be able to use our URL: www.greatplainsheiseyclub.org. They hope to have the website active the week of May 12th.  The club would like to thank Mary and Gregg for purchasing the URL as a donation to the club.


Bucky Will gave a wonderful program on Heisey jellies.  She prepared a very detailed research handout for all members on footed jellies, handled jellies and any other kind of jellies that Heisey made.  Bucky shared many examples of the jellies that she talked about.


Program ideas for upcoming meetings included stems, nappies, perfume and dresser items and smoking items.


Show and Tell was as usual the favorite of the day.  (We are a “buying” club, so there are always purchases to share.)  Items included: #1503 Crystolite jug; #5019 Waverly 13 inch platter;#1255 Pineapple and Fan 7 oz. Mug; #1567 Plantation Candy Lid (with a story); #1534 Newcomer (Melon) one handled jelly; #1405 Ipswich 10 oz. Sahara goblet; #305 Punty and Diamond Point toothpick; #1183 Revere basket with cutting; #351 six inch flared vase; #1488 Kohinoor two-light candlesticks with prisms and silver overlay; #1401 Empress Dolphin footed candlestick in Moongleam; #21 Aristocrat 3 1/2 desk candlestick; #1503 Crystolite short stem vase with ruby stain; #1 Gazelle Bookend (Doe Head); #479 Petal sugar and creamer in Flamingo; #1404 Old Sandwich one pint decanter; #1776 Kalonyal handled mug; #429 Plain Panel Recess 4 1/2 inch nappy; #1020 Phyllis cream and sugar and #4163 Whaley jug with matching cutting; Town and Country tumbler with Moonglo etch.