July 10, 2021


Some days the best made plans just go awry. Our July 10, 2021 GPHC meeting was scheduled to be a two-parter – lunch, show & tell, and auction at an Omaha golf club followed by a short trip to the Mock home for the program, raffle, and dessert. Mother nature intervened with a high wind storm the night before that knocked out power to the golf club. The hosts and their helpers scrambled to divert the 26 en route attendees to the Mock home for all activities. Lunch hosted by the Mocks, Files, and Kallmers was quickly assembled from Costco's finest and the day was saved by the Mocks and their helpers.


Jean Will donated a box full of beautiful Heisey for our raffle. Jen handled the ticket sales and ironically was the lucky winner – a quick and good-natured audit was performed and Jen was promptly cleared of any wrongdoing.


Minutes of our last meeting in May were approved and Treasurer Tom reported a balance of $2,030.72 in our GPHC account. At our next meeting the members will decide how to allocate our donation to HCA at the Percy & Vivian Moore event in October. Condolences were given to Greg Henne due to the passing of his father.


Congratulations were extended to the newly elected HCA Board members Frachele Scott, Andy Baldus, and our club member Caleb-Michael Files. A brief report was made about new HCA Board objectives and the status of the Museum lower level carpet.


Trudy presented an unusual and entertaining program. The GPHC has enjoyed over 100 programs on Heisey since our club inception in 1999. Titled “Program about Programs”, Trudy presented highlights from many of the presentations with examples of Heisey pieces from each program. It was a trip into GPHC past as the old programs rekindled many great memories.


Following are some examples from the extensive and impressive Show and Tell:
Jen & Kelly: Enamel decorated pieces – Flat Panel bowl with Lotus Co. decoration and Wide Flat Panel cream and sugar; Puritan cigarette box/Horsehead finial with a beautiful cutting; Cigar ashtray with unknown deep cutting
Kathy & Tom: Four Arch cream and sugar with cover; Revere footed cream and sugar with cover/Tahiti variant cutting
Donna: Pair 15” Aristocrat candlesticks with elaborate cutting
Lynn & Sherrill: Chrysanthemum bowl/Verlys by Heisey; Grape Leaf Square ashtray/Flamingo
Trudy & John: Yellow Saturn look-a-like vase
Jean: Provincial vase/Imperial Heather; Decagon 2 handled nappy/Flamingo
Marcie: Grape Cluster bowl
Mary & Gregg: Double Rib & Panel cake stand; Tally Ho etching on Bradbury, Robinson, Saturn bitters bottles and 2 Bantam Rooster cocktails.


A successful auction was conducted to raise funds for our treasury. The top seller was donated by Chris and Lehi: 17 square Ridgeleigh plates of mostly 8 inch size.


Our next GPHC meeting will be September 11 at the home of Marcie and Eric in Omaha, NE, followed by our season ending meeting on November 13 at the home of Pat and Rex in Elkhorn, NE. Visitors are always welcome.


The meeting was adjourned for all to enjoy two delicious cakes made by Trudy. Truly an epic and heroic effort by our hosts to salvage the day.


Check out pictures and tons of other information on our website at greatplainsheiseyclub.org expertly administered by Gregg Cameron.