May 8, 2021


With beautiful flowers to greet us, 18 Great Plains Heisey Club members plus 2 guests convened in a lovely Civic Center room in Shawnee, KS on Saturday May 8, 2021.  Donna arranged this venue for us and served as our hostess providing drinks, 2 delicious cakes, and fragrant lilacs from her garden.


The Mocks and the Braggs donated a box full of Heisey for our raffle. Jen handled the ticket sales and our hostess, Donna, was the lucky winner of many special pieces.


Minutes of our last Zoom meeting on March 13 were approved and Treasurer Tom reported an updated balance of $1,580.72 in our GPHC account.  He thanked all the members who added donations to their usual dues payment.


A report about the new flooring on the lower level of the HCA Museum was given.  Our Club funded this 'dream' request for flooring on 3 levels of the Museum.  The Club voted to have President Mock relay a recommendation to the Board President regarding the lower level carpet. 


It was good to return to in-person programs.  Our Program Director, Eric, delivered a special treat about Heisey Marmalades and related items.  Two tables of examples of most such pieces produced by Heisey were front and center for all to connect with via the excellent hand-out prepared by Eric.  (The hand-out is posted on the GPHC website for all to learn about marmalades by Heisey).


It had been a long spell since members could actually have a Show and Tell in person.
Pat & Rex:  Tom and Jerry mug
Chris & Lehi:  Rooster Head stems, one with Moon Glo cutting and one with an     elaborate unknown cutting
Jen & Kelly:  Marsh Rose frosted plate, Cabochon Rose Etched plate with silver rim, and a Revere black candy jar base with Hawkes cutting
Kathy & Tom:  Items used for photos in Bredehoft 1896-1957 book:  Plantation rolled foot mayo, unknown jug with Maryland cutting, and Revere cream & sugar with Warrick cutting
Donna:  Barbara Fritchie cordial
Trudy & John:  Ipswich finger bowl with underplate, Pillows footed rose bowl, and Crystolite ice bucket
Eric:  Punty Band ind. cream & sugar – flashed-in color, late Puritan cigarette box with Krall engraving, Sussex soda with unknown Heisey cutting, Oxford goblet with Darlington cutting, Country Club old fashion with Zeisel cutting, and Cabochon tumbler with Pussywillow cutting.


A successful auction was conducted to raise funds for our treasury.  The top seller was donated by Jean – 4 Kimberly goblets with Courtship cutting.


Our next meeting will be on July 10 at the lovely Omaha home of John and Trudy.  Future 2021 meetings:  September 11 – Bergquists/Omaha and November 13 – Luckes/ Elkhorn.


The meeting was adjourned for all to enjoy two beautiful and delicious cakes made by Donna that were sitting grandly on Kalonyal and Pineapple and Fan cake stands.  Coffee was served in Heisey cups and saucers.  Thanks, Donna, for finding such a great meeting place and being a gracious hostess.


Check out pictures and other info on our website at   greatplainsheiseyclub.org - maintained and updated so well by Gregg Cameron.