November 10, 2018


This was our last meeting of 2018 so we couldn't drop the ball!  (More on that tie-in later).  Pat and Rex Lucke's house was decked out with antique Christmas décor that enhanced their Heisey glass and other collections.  There was snow outside to further the theme of a festive winter holiday but lots of warmth inside.


The lunch spread was delicious with traditional dishes and it certainly whetted our appetites for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.


President John Mock welcomed 27 of our members for the 1 pm meeting.  Thanks were expressed to Pat and Rex for hosting and for donating the “pass the hat” proceeds to our treasury.  The Treasurer and Secretary reports were given and approved.  Gregg Cameron updated us on HCA Board actions.  With members Bev and Bob Heise in attendance, we congratulated them on a successful and well run Percy and Vivian Moore event in Minnesota.


We discussed meeting hosts and program topics for 2019 to pass along to our Program Director and enjoyed Martha's (aka Trudy Mock) moment in showing Christmas décor using Heisey ball vases.


The program “Welcome to the Ball” was prepared by Eric Tankesley-Clarke and presented by Tom Files.  Thanks to the Lucke's extensive collection, there were many ball vase examples to observe.  Other members brought items so there was a large table full of various ball vases, rose bowls and other round bowls—including ball vases in several colors – some with Heisey etchings and cuttings – even a couple with Krall cuttings.  Tom went through Eric's printed hand-out with help from his assistant “Van” (Rex) showing each example.  The hand-out will become an excellent reference source, especially the chart showing ball vases in all sizes, optics, and colors.  Everyone appreciated this joint effort program from Eric, Tom, “Van”, and all members who contributed examples.


Nominations for 2019 club officer positions were taken/closed and the following individuals will be formally elected at our next meeting:  John Mock, President; Kathy Files, Secretary; and Tom Files, Treasurer.  Eric Tankesley-Clarke was appointed Program Director.


A nice array of Show & Tell items included:  Ring Band and Pillows custard cups; Waldorf Astoria toothpick; Diamond Point ashtray and jelly; Winged Scroll trinket box/Opal; 2 door knobs on bracket; Empress cream & sugar/round base/Moongleam; Empress cream soup/Moongleam; Pineapple & Fan mug/Emerald; Punty Band mug/Ruby stain; Victorian vase/9 inch; Banded Flute jug/3 qt.; Lariat bowl/crimped/cut; #110 Sandwich Dolphin candlestick; #110 Sandwich Dolphin lamp/Moongleam/Cut; Essex Candlestick; Plantation candleblock.


We held a 50/50 auction, sold Jean Will's donated jams and jellies, and re-sold raffle box items that the raffle winner (Jean Will) decided to sell to help the treasury.  All good Heisey pieces found new homes and these activities raised over $1,000 to eventually benefit HCA.


The meeting was adjourned and luscious desserts were served:  carrot cake and a special strawberry “wedding” cake.


Pictures from this meeting and much more are available on our website www.greatplainsheiseyclub.org thanks to our photographer and webmaster, Gregg Cameron.


Kudos to Pat and Rex Lucke for hosting and making sure all attendees had a great time.  It was a 5 star meeting.  We hope everyone's holidays are a time of family and joy and 2019 is a great year for all.