September 22, 2018


Did someone say, “ROAD TRIP”??  I guess so since 17 members of the Great Plains Heisey study club met at the lovely home of Bev and Bob Heise in Bloomington, MN for our September meeting.  The meeting became an extra highlight for our members with the Percy and Vivian Moore event being the main show.  We thank the Northwoods Club for providing a very enjoyable and successful celebration to recognize the Moore's generous financial help to HCA in its early days.


President Mock called our meeting to order after a delicious lunch that covered Bev and Bob's entire kitchen island.  Every dish was a treat!  Thank you, Bev, for such a great lunch – and especially the chance to dine at a table featuring Ipswich centerpiece vases with inserts in all production colors.


Our July meeting minutes were approved and a treasury report given  (our balance after this meeting is $870).  Our HCA Board Member Gregg Cameron updated us about some future needs for our HCA Museum. We had a brief discussion regarding some ideas for meeting sites and program topics in 2019.  We will keep those in mind for finalization at our November meeting.


Bev Heise changed her “chef hat” and gave a helpful hint using clean plastic peanut butter jars as inner vases when putting fresh flowers inside Heisey pitchers used as centerpieces.  We saw her hint in action at the Pavilion venue the previous evening.  Her variety of pitchers held the flowers in 'Skippy' jars surrounded with varied colors of netting for a special centerpiece display on each table.  Beautiful!


After another “hat” change, Bev used her collection of Heisey Ipswich to present our program.  A very useful handout was shared to give us information to use out in the 'wild'.  Ipswich is a beautiful, useful pattern and Bev's extensive collection is quite a sight.  Thanks for your many talents, Bev, and for creating a great meeting.  Our next meeting will be November 10 at the Lucke's home in the Omaha area.


A few road trip finds provided Show and Tell:  Victorian footed cheese, ashtray, and bar glass; Cut Block toothpick; Priscilla cruet with Maltese Cross stopper; Punty and Diamond Point Vase; and an old button someone had produced with a Heisey saying on it.  After that we adjourned the meeting for dessert – a frozen treat that was very refreshing.


Many thanks to Bev and Bob Heise for hosting our GPHC meeting in the midst of all their Percy and Vivian Moore event efforts.  It was a pleasure to be in Minnesota (won't mention the rainy and high wind travel to get there).  Always good to see our Heisey friends and we sure missed those who couldn't make it.


Visitors are always welcome at our meetings.  And check our website  www.greatplainsheiseyclub.org  for more information and pictures.