November 5, 2011


Go north in November? To get to Glen Gall’s home in Des Moines area, it was worth the trip! Glen’s Heisey collection is vast, interesting, and (to the envy of us all) CLEAN. Glen thanks family members and Jean Will for helping with that project.


A lavish meal was prepared by Glen with the help of Glen’s brother Jim and his wife Peg – our good luck to meet them! Max, Rick, and Jean provided desserts and I made the cranberry salad. It was a literal Thanksgiving feast with turkey and ham….sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes….great rolls made by Peg….really more food than I can list. So check our website for recipes, especially Glen’s terrific broccoli/cauliflower salad.


Full and happy, John Mock called our meeting to order.  First action was to present a birthday card and a group effort to sing “Happy Birthday” to our host.  Way to celebrate a special birthday, Glen – we all had a wonderful time.


Minutes were approved and the Treasurer’s report was given. Mary Cameron recapped the Cochran Endowment Fund matching challenge and our club’s Lucke challenge. Our club is so close to our goal and we feel sure we’ll reach the $7,500 Lucke challenge amount by December 1 – thanks to the generosity of our members. Thanks Pat and Rex for a great incentive project. We even had a donation made from Texas by Jeanie Lively in honor of her mom, Jean Will.  Yeah!


We’re working toward our next big project – the 2012 Percy and Vivian Moore weekend in Omaha on September 7 and 8.  That’s earlier than usual but plans are already underway to make the 2012 event even better than the grand time we had in 2006.


~~Save the Date~~
2012 Percy and Vivian Moore Memorial Weekend Dinner will be held in Omaha, NE on September 7 & 8, 2012


Five GPHC members attended this year’s Percy and Vivian Moore dinner in Newark, OH. It was an enjoyable event and we thank the organizers for their hard work. Kudos and compliments especially to Dan Kilgore for the artistic wooden panels of Heisey pattern cut-outs that adorned the Museum multi-purpose room on Friday evening. I sure hope everyone has a chance to see those again!


Trudy’s “Martha Moment” was a sample of using Heisey Warwick vases and fall decorations as centerpieces. Hint….we hope you all get to see these at our 2012 PVM events.


2012 officers were then railroaded, I mean elected.  The perpetual President, John Mock; treasured Treasurer, Tom Files; and yours sincerely, Secretary Kathy Files.  Eric Tankesley-Clarke will continue as positive program coordinator and Trudy Mock remains as “Martha” maven.


The 2012 meeting schedule was tentatively set as follows:
March 24 – Jean Will – Leavenworth, KS
May 5 – Mary and Gregg Cameron – Ames, IA
July 21 – John and Trudy Mock – Omaha, NE
September 7,8 – Percy and Vivian Moore Event – Omaha, NE
November 10 – Glen Gall – Urbandale, IA


Some of the meetings will include planning sessions for the PVM but short programs will also be considered and determined later.


Eric presented our program “Ultra Violet Light and Heisey”.  Numerous examples of glass were discussed and then viewed under the “lights”.  We all enjoyed solving the mystery of seeing how the pieces would react.  Some were “glowers” and some were “duds” so it was quite a show and very informative.  Eric always amazes us with his dedication to research and thoroughness in covering a subject.  The accompanying handout will be perfect for future reference.  Thank you, Eric, for an unusual but entertaining and informative program.  [Footnote:  Callie (Glen’s exuberant dog) raced in on occasion and wanted to help but Eric managed without her]. 


We proceeded with Show and Tell.  There were some impressive items including:  #1401 Empress Nasturtium bowl in Sahara; #1619 Block Five candle centerpiece; Colonial Blunt Panel syrup out of the #153 tumbler mould; #112 Mercury candle cup only in Flamingo with ground and polished base; #1280 Winged Scroll 13 inch tray in Ivorina Verde with flower decoration; #4215 Dorothy vase in Flamingo; #463 Bonnet Basket in Moongleam with fantastic cutting; #109 Petticoat Dolphin candlestick in rarely seen Sahara; Airedale; #1184 Yeoman cigar ashtray; #439 Raised Loop cream and sugar; and a few others I’ve probably missed.


Our 50/50 auction concluded the meeting – some nice Heisey and delicious jelly was sold to help the treasury – thanks to all the donators. 


Several great desserts were then served, including delicious chocolate birthday cake.  The best finale for another good GPHC meeting.  Thank you to Glen – we enjoyed your birthday more than you did, I bet.  Everyone is invited to come join us in 2012 and, as usual, check us out on our website at www.greatplainsheiseyclub.org.