July 9, 2005


Fourteen  members and two guests attended the Great Plains Heisey Club meeting in Omaha, Nebraska in the home of Eric and Marcie Bergquist on July 9, 2005.  President Bucky Will called the meeting to order pretty much on time, which is a record for this group. The minutes were approved as they were posted on the website. Treasurer Tom Files reported on the balance in our treasury and updated all members on the expenditures/donations that the club made for the 2005 HCA Convention. The first item on the agenda was to review the HCA Convention.  Sixteen members from our club attended the convention.  Members attended the Apple Tree Auction and bought glass. Members went to the church show and bought glass.  Members attended the Blind Auction and bought glass. Members went to the Heisey Show and bought glass. Members attended the Flea Market in the Square and bought glass.  Members also attended the Annual Meeting Dinner, Study Club Meeting, seminars, Former Employee Reception, and hosted the Hospitality Room. In between all of these they continued to buy glass and, of course, eat.  Bucky shared with the club the membership initiative that each study club has been challenged with by the HCA Board. The Percy Moore dinner on October 8, 2005 was discussed and some members may attend from our club.


The next item discussed was the Club’s sponsorship of the Percy Moore dinner in 2006. The date for that dinner will be October 21, 2006.  John Mock will be the chair of the dinner and will be contacting members to assign projects for them to complete for the dinner.  The theme for the dinner will be “Swimming in Heisey.”  Trudy Mock already has the table decorations designed for the event.  The Saturday dinner and Friday evening event will be held at the Oak Hills Golf and Country Club in Omaha, Nebraska.  John will be negotiating with a nearby hotel for a group rate for rooms.  Other items discussed in regard to the dinner were publicity, fundraiser, program for the dinner, welcome packet for attendees, etc

The September 10 meeting will be in Kansas City with the location to be announced. The program will be the early patterns of Fandango, Cut Block and Fancy Loop.  Mary Cameron will organize the program.


Glen is hosting the November 12 meeting in Des Moines and the program will be on Crystolite.  He will solicit needed pieces to complete the program.


The program for this meeting was informal and club members brought some of their favorite pieces of Heisey.  Items included were:  #357 Duck ashtray; Banded Flute bedroom set; Kohinoor ashtray in Zircon; Lariat center handled torte plate; #537 – 4 1/2 ounce handled soda; Solitaire ashtray in Sahara; Landon National tumbler with a Landon New Era saucer; Ridgeleigh star relish; old Queen Anne wine; Whaley mug with Golfer Etch; and a Flat Panel 2 quart crushed fruit.  There were some interesting stories why these particular pieces were members’ favorites.

Following the program, the group held their 50/50 auction and had a delicious lunch and watched a Powerpoint presentation of the club’s adventures at the HCA Convention.


Of course, we weren’t done yet as we still had more glass to share.  Show and Tell included many pieces purchased since our last meeting including:  #407 Coarse Rib individual cream and sugar; Plain Band spooner; Greek Key low-footed sherbet; Puritan high-footed jelly; #5082 Mid-Century wine; Innovation candle lamp; Plantation cruet without the pineapples on the side; Ipswich cream and sugar in Moongleam; two 4037 sherry decanters with Orchid etch; Old Sandwich candlesticks with cutting and much more.