May 14, 2005


Sixteen members attended the Great Plains Heisey Club meeting in Leavenworth, Kansas in the home of Jean Will on May 14, 2005.  President Bucky Will was ill, so Past-President John Mock was called up for service.  He tried to gain control of the meeting to start at 1:30 p.m., but it was a struggle. The minutes were approved as they were posted on the website. Tom Files, Treasurer for Life, reported a balance of $1681.69 in our coffers and reminded everyone that club dues were due for 2005.  Two new members joined the club at the meeting.  We have a total of 32 paid members for 2005.


The first item on the agenda was to make final plans for the HCA Convention in June.  At the April meeting, it was approved to send $50.00 for the Hospitality Room and Tom Files will be doing that. John Mock also volunteered our club to work a shift in the Hospitality Room.  Tom will check on that also.  It was decided to donate two items to the Blind Auction, a $150.00 dollar item and a $50.00 item.  Mary will contact the organizers of the Blind Auction to find out if we can bring the items to the convention or if they need to be mailed in advance.  The Great Plains Club will also be making a donation to the operating fund at the annual meeting.  President Bucky Will will be making that announcement.


Jean Will gave a report on her week spent helping at the Museum and also an update of HCA Board activities.


The next item discussed was the Club’s sponsorship of the Percy Moore dinner in 2006. Mary Cameron contacted the organizers of the Antique Spectacular Show and the dates for their fall show in 2006 are October 20-22.  It was decided to try to book the Mock’s country club in Omaha for that weekend.  At our July meeting, a committee will be formed to work on details about the event.  The 2005 Percy Moore dinner is October 8 in Newark.


Gregg Cameron distributed a rough draft of a brochure about the Great Plains Heisey Club.  HCA is asking that clubs bring brochures to the convention and then leave extras with the Museum to mail out to new members in the club’s area.  Mary and Gregg will make sure these get to Ohio for the convention.


Marcie and Eric will host the July 9th meeting in Omaha and members should bring and describe “a few of their favorite things” as the program.

Glen is hosting the November 12 meeting in Des Moines and the program will be on Crystolite.  He will solicit needed pieces to complete the program.


We do need a host for the September meeting in Kansas City.


Tom Files did a program on individual creams and sugars and brought about 90 examples to show the group.  He provided an excellent handout that we hope to put on the website.


Show and Tell was relatively calm for this group as Gary Corey was absent again.  Members must be saving their money for convention as we have many members from our club attending.  Show and Tell included:  #406 Coarse Rib covered cream and sugar in Flamingo; #7017 Heisey Door Knob,; #393 1/2 Narrow Flute 9 inch nappy; #353 Medium Flat Panel toothpick tray; Two Plaid Vases were displayed – one swung and the other short; #1183 Revere Vase Candlesticks with prisms; #1401 Empress 7 part relish with cutting; #1183 Revere French Dressing and plate in Flamingo; #433 1/2 Greek Key one quart water jug; #433 Greek Key tall celery; #433 Greek Key cruet; #1469 Ridgeleigh 13 1/2 inch torte plate; and much more.


The club then held their 50/50 auction as a fundraiser.