November 13, 2010


Remember the old song, “Cool, Clear Water”?  We had no ‘burning sands’ to contend with; in fact, the first snowstorm of this winter was just to the north of us.  So we turned to the bottle – water bottles that is.  The program at the Cameron’s home in Ames, IA on November 13 was on Heisey water bottles.


But first we HAD to eat.  Chef Matt prepared a wonderfully delicious Mexican fiesta lunch for the 19 members and 4 guests (2 joined our club later).  Great job, Matt – recipes will be on our web site.


We didn’t have time for a needed siesta as taskmaster President Mock called the meeting to order.  After approval of minutes and treasurer’s report, we set our slate of officers for 2011 (a repeat cast from 2010) and, by acclamation, Eric was selected as Program Coordinator.  Our 2011 meeting schedule will be:

April 2 - Omaha, NE - Mock Home
May 14 - Ames, IA - Cameron Home
July ? - Kansas City Area - Site TBD
September 10 - Omaha Area - Lucke Home
November 12 - Des Moines Area = Gall Home


Five of our members attended the Percy Moore event in Florida and reported on the activities and the enjoyment they received at the well-planned weekend.  Our current HCA Board members, Mary and Tom, advised the group of the need for glass for upcoming HCA auctions.  It was also suggested that people add HCA to their Christmas lists – donations are great gifts.


Trudy’s “Martha Moment” was an ad showing an Albemarle goblet used in a painting by Kent Bellows showing at Omaha’s Joslyn Museum.


The program on Heisey water bottles brought surprises as usual – starting with the fact that over 40 different patterns and styles were produced.  Did restaurants and hotels really need that many different types?  Nearly 2 dozen examples were available for our viewing, including some rarely seen ones like #365 Queen Anne, #357 Prison Stripe, and #4057 Schnaidt in Flamingo.  Gregg and Mary presented pictures and information in a professionally prepared study guide booklet worthy of sale in the Museum gift shop.  Thanks to Gregg and Mary for a great handout and their interesting program.


We held our usual 50-50 auction to raise money for HCA.  The donated Heisey sold well – as did Jean’s homemade jams and jellies.


Show and Tell produced a wide variety of Heisey for attendees to view.  Too much to list but included were: #1295 Bead Swag jug and nappy in Emerald; #4166 Balda jug and six #3350 Wabash handled sodas, all with Pied Piper etch; #8 Ridgeleigh salts in their original box; #102 Ball Stem candlestick w/black enamel decoration; #4004 Impromptu goblet; #1533 Wampum candy box; #1632 Lodestar cream & sugar in Dawn; #463 Bonnet basket w/deep floral cut; #1541 Athena fruit bowl variant & serving plate, both with a poinsettia cut; #3361 Charlotte cocktail w/Hawthorne bowl and Moongleam foot and stem; #3409 Plymouth goblet Sahara; #500 Octagon variety tray w/Bacchus carving; #440 Daisy & Leaves 13 inch swung vase; #394 Narrow Flute domino sugar trays in Crystal, Moongleam, and Sahara; #394 Narrow Flute covered mustard, #112 Mercury candlesticks in Flamingo and Hawthorne; #391 10 inch vase; #361 Irwin ashtray in Sahara w/cutting; #1473 complete Buttress centerpiece set w/Normandie etch; #5058 Goose decanter; #1020 Phyllis sugar in Vaseline; and a pair of #1 Horsehead bookends.


Thank you Mary and Gregg Cameron and Chef Matt for great food and equally great Iowa hospitality.  The Camerons’ extensive Heisey collection, artfully arranged, made for eye-popping viewing.  Another fun meeting!  We’ll take our winter break and meet again in April, 2011.  Join us for Heisey information and good times – or visit us anytime at www.greatplainsheiseyclub.org. A Merry Seasons greetings to all.