November 10, 2001


The Great Plains Heisey Club met on November 10, 2001 at the home of John and Trudy in Omaha.


President Tom called the meeting to order later than 1:30 because he couldn’t get the members away from the Show and Tell table. Twelve members and two guests attended the meeting. The minutes of the September 8, 2001 meeting were approved as submitted. The Treasurer's Report was approved as presented.


Old Business:
1. Mary will have the web site updated by the March meeting and Gregg will have the new domain name ready to go by then also. Thanks to everyone who has submitted information to go on the web.
2. Our club has received approval from HCA to pursue the calendar idea that Marcie brought up in September. It would be a calendar for the year 2003 and we would sell it at the convention and also via mail. We would prefer a color calendar rather than a sepia. At our March meeting we will have a photography work session. Members can start sending ideas for each month to Mary, Marcie, Gregg and Eric. They will work to have every idea in place before the March meeting, so members will know what to bring for glass and props. Gregg will look into price breaks for calendar numbers.
3. Mary didn’t go to the Northwoods Heisey Club meeting, but will try another time. An idea was presented to have a joint meeting next November in the Des Moines area to coincide with the Collector’s Extravaganza Antique show at Veteran Auditorium. Many Great Plains members were there on Friday night before the meeting in Omaha.


New Business:
1. Since November is our annual meeting, we elected officers for next year. President-Kathy; Secretary-Mary; and Treasurer- John. Dues will remain $5.00 per person for 2002 and can be sent to John or Mary.
2. Our next meeting will be March 9, 2002 at the new home of Gary and Shelby in the Kansas City area. They will send directions and motel information to Mary before the meeting. This meeting will start in the morning and last until we get the pictures taken for the calendar project.
3. Over the long cold winter, Mary will develop a membership brochure for the Great Plains Heisey Club to use in conjunction with the HCA brochure.
4. Pat and Rex donated a #7000 Sunflower candlestick for the silent auction and John and Trudy donated a #134 Trident candlestick for silent auction.


The program for the meeting was Heisey patterns from 1940-1957. Patterns and pieces represented were: #1519 Waverly cream and sugar with Orchid etch; #1504 Regency candlestick; #1533 Wampum candlestick and ashtray (plus a fake one for comparison); #1540 Lariat candleblock; #1541 Athena two-light candlestick; #1567 Plantation cruet; #1590 Zodiac cream and sugar; #1951 Cabochon butter dish in dawn and a 5 1/2 inch compote; #1632 Lodestar candle centerpiece in dawn; #1615 Flame candlestick; and #1534 Melon (Newcomer) jelly in crystal. Patterns not represented were #1521 Quilt, #1559 Columbia, and #1637 Town and Country.


Show and Tell items were plentiful and included: #1415 Twentieth Century 12 ounce footed soda in Dawn;#1425 Victorian 5 inch flared compote; #300 Peerless five ounce bar syrup; #1511 Tourjours 7 1/2 inch footed compote with Minuet etch; #393 preserve with enamel decoration; #129 Tricorn candlesticks in Moongleam; #3325 Rampul 4 1/2 ounce oyster cocktail with diamond optic in Hawthorne; #2 Madonna; #150 Pointed Oval in Diamond Point round butter with cover; Rooster, Hen and Chicks by Imperial in milk glass; #3408 Jamestown Dinner Bell;#1404 Old Sandwich 2 1/2 ounce wine; #10 Gibson Girl 8 inch comport with cutting; #433 Greek Key individual ice tub butter with cover and a 5 inch underplate; #7018 Pointed Oval in Diamond Point individual nut with underplate; #1183 Yeoman horseradish and cover with cutting, ladle and underplate; four #1255 Pineapple and Fan crystal vases in 12 inch, 10 inch, 8 inch and 6 inch; #1205 Fancy Loop salt; Four-leaf candlesticks; #301 Old Williamsburg short three-light candelabra in Sahara; #1425 Victorian two-quart jug; #1255 Pineapple and Fan 8 inch bowl in emerald with gold; #1255 Pineapple and Fan toothpick; #1567 Plantation candy comport with lid; #1280 Winged Scroll toothpick in custard; #7023 Half Circle cream and sugar; #461 Banded Picket basket in Flamingo; #417 Double Rib and Panel basket in Moongleam; #1235 Beaded Panel and Sunburst two-quart jug; #305 Punty and Diamond Point oil bottle; #1511 Tourjours cream and sugar with Minuet etch; #4054 Coronation cocktail shaker; #2052 1 1/2 ounce bar glass with Tally Ho etching; #1 Donkey marked HCA 92; #352 Flat Panel French dressing bottle with notches on the edges of the panels; #1495 Fern candlestick with Orchid etch; Mike Owens 5 inch frosted crystal bust; #109 Petticoat Dolphin candlestick; and #1519 Waverly cigarette jar and cover with seahorse handles and Orchid etch.


The meeting adjourned at 4:30, but members continued to talk Heisey over dinner.