May 19, 2001


Fifteen members attended the March 10, 2001 meeting of the Great Plains Heisey Club at the Omaha, Nebraska home of Shelby and Gary. This was the club’s first and last meeting at Shelby and Gary's new home because they will be moving to the Kansas City area.


President Tom called the meeting to order at 2:00 p.m. which was late because of all the glass that was on display. The minutes of the March 10, 2001 meeting were approved as submitted. The Treasurer's Report was approved as presented.


Old Business
Membership dues are due. There are still some members from last year who haven’t renewed. Mary was requested to send those members another notice about membership. HCA certified our membership, but there were some members whose membership in HCA had to be clarified.

The Great Plains Heisey Club web site is done in rough draft. After the meeting members were asked to look at the site and make suggestions. Mary will upload the site to the Internet before the July meeting. Many were amazed that the site was somewhat completed due to previous procrastination. The members thanked Mary and Gregg for all the work they had done on this project. Mary now gets to add the title of Webmaster to go with her Secretary job.


The gift for the HCA Hospitality Room for the HCA Convention has been purchased by Elmer and Janice. They will be delivering it to the convention. Rex and Pat have also mailed the Great Plains Heisey Club’s donation to the HCA Convention’s Silent Auction to the event coordinator.


New Business:
The July 14 meeting will be at the home of Marcie and Eric in Lincoln, Nebraska. Marcie will send Mary directions to mail out to members. The program will be Heisey patterns from 1930-1939. Tom  will coordinate the patterns. Please email him with what pieces & patterns you will be bringing. These patterns include: #1401 Empress; #3390 Carcassonne; #1404 Old Sandwich; #1415 Twentieth Century; #3397 Gascony; #1405 Ipswich; #1428 Warwick; #1430 Aristocrat; #1447 Rococo; #4044 New Era; #1433 Thumbprint and Panel; #1425 Victorian; #4054 Coronation; #1469 Ridgeleigh; #1483 Stanhope; #1485 Saturn; #1488 Kohinoor; #1503 Crystolite; #1509 Queen Ann; #7000 Sunflower; #1511 Tourjours and #1506 Whirlpool.


The program for the meeting was Heisey patterns from 1920 to 1929, Heisey fakes, and Heisey look-a-likes. Patterns represented included: two 406 Coarse Rib comports in crystal and hawthorne; #411 Tudor mayo and underplate; #417 Double Rib and Panel water goblet; #1193 Inside Scallop hawthorne nappy; #1170 Pleat and Panel moongleam sherbet with cutting; #1229 Octagon moongleam nut dish with Empress etch; #1229 Octagon marigold nappy with handles; #10 Oak Leaf coaster in moongleam; #500 Octagon four-part variety tray in flamingo; #1252 Twist goblet in flamingo; #1252 Twist ice bucket in alexandrite; #1252 Twist oval hotel sugar and creamer in moongleam; #365 Rhombic ashtray in flamingo; #3380 Old Dominion goblet in sahara;#3362 Charter Oak flamingo goblet; #419 Sussex flamingo goblet and tumbler; #3404 Spanish goblet and plate with Florentine etching.


Many fakes and look-a-likes were shared with the group also. Seems everyone had something embarrassing to show that they had acquired before they became Heisey-smart. The members rushed to see what had been brought for Show and Tell. Items shared were: Raised Loop creamer in crystal; Windsor candlesticks with cutting and double marked; Gallagher pitcher in crystal with old colony etch; Omega stem with melody etch; Crystolite cordial; Half Circle sugar and creamer in crystal; Twist nasturtium bowl in sahara; Twist eight inch nappy in moongleam; #1243 Stepped Octagon six inch plate in moongleam; lavendar jar; #7004 Wreath nappy with pewter insert; zipper nappy with crimped rim; Old Williamsburg 11 inch candlestick; Athena ten inch nappy; Victorian vase; #1606 ash tray;Old Queen Ann sugar sadly missing its lid; Roly Poly coaster; the rare #1540½ Lariat triple candleblock; and the seldom seen Petal one-handled nappy. Gary and Shelby also showed a large grouping of various pieces of Heisey that they acquired in the last months.


The meeting adjourned and members continued to "talk Heisey" and some members rushed to the Crystal Lady Antique Store to check out the Heisey.