September 9, 2023

An antique Ford tractor with our American flag wafting in the breeze to honor the nearing anniversary of the 9-11 tragedy greeted us as we gathered for September meeting.  Thank you, John and Trudy Mock, for that statement of patriotism and hosting our meeting.  Three bubbler fountains and random pieces of salvaged Heisey glass in the landscaping welcomed our 21 attendees.
A wonderful ham, salads, and veggies lunch was savored (and devoured) by everyone.


President Mock called our meeting to order and sent best wishes to members who couldn't attend due to illness or other reasons.  We discussed making a few changes to our raffle box procedures to make that fun event even better.  Details will be provided to all members prior to implementation at the November meeting.


In her 'Martha's Moment' Trudy expressed thanks to everyone who participated with a table display at the June Convention – noting 9 of the 17 tables were prepared by GPHC members.


Ice Tubs and Old Fashions was the program topic presented by Eric Tankesley-Clarke.  A table full of beautiful examples ranging from early patterns like Fancy Loop and Pillows through more modern Crystolite was represented.  There were crystal and colors, plain and cuttings/etchings, and the 'baby' Narrow Flute ice tub to the 'giant' Greek Key to help us learn.  Eric also displayed many old fashion glasses as companion barware pieces to ice tubs.  Thank you, Eric, for another great program that informed and entertained us.


Show and Tell produced quite an array of beautiful pieces:
John & Trudy – Dowager grapefruit, Cynthia and Cecilia vases both with Orchid etching
Kelly – Cabochon one handled jelly with Rose etching
Donna – Medium Flat Panel vase in Hawthorne
Tom & Kathy – Saturn tid bit tray in Zircon and Winston ashtray/Flamingo
Lehi & Chris – Yeoman Puff Box/Flamingo with insert
Gregg & Mary – Peerless vase/Moongleam, Oxford goblet & cordial both with Krall design cutting
Eric – Fandango sugar sifter, Suez goblet with fancy cutting & full-cut stem, and #1185 Yeoman bridge
             tray and after dinner cup (tray formerly known as Cloverleaf.)
Bev & Bob – Heron water lamp base with Sea Glade cutting (this item was voted best in show)


The 50/50 auction had some spirited bidding for several items donated by Jean and John & Trudy.  The top bid was made by Janet for an Empress ice bucket with silver overlay and a cutting.


The meeting was adjourned so we could indulge in desserts provided by Janet, Kathy, and our hosts.  There is always a lot more info on our website maintained by Gregg Cameron   greatplainsheiseyclub.org 


Our next meeting will be November 11, 2023, at the home of Pat and Rex Lucke in Elkhorn, NE.