September 12, 2020


On Saturday September 12, 2020 at 1 p.m. 17 members of the Great Plains club met online for our second virtual GPHC meeting. Thanks to Emie Heisey for again facilitating our access to her online site and to Caleb-Michael Files for again serving as our technical host and counselor.


President John Mock called the meeting to order. The July, 2020 meeting minutes were approved and Tom Files gave a “no change” Treasurer's report.


Our HCA President, Emie Heisey, joined us and gave updates from the Board and Museum happenings. Bids are being sought for new lower level Museum flooring with a December 1 target date for a decision. The 2020 glass pumpkins are selling quickly (104 as of last count) – attendees were urged to contact the Museum soon to purchase this item or other things available in the gift shop. Emie advised everyone is being mindful of HCA's financial status since all 2020 revenue producing events have been canceled or postponed. Thank you, Emie, for joining us to provide the updates and answering questions from middle America.


Trudy Mock (Martha's Moment) showed us how she had safely used citronella candles and rocks inside a large Puritan pitcher on their deck when she and John hosted their Bible study group on a windy day.


Our program had two parts and was intermingled with show & tell time. Part one of the program was viewing Kim Carlisle's YouTube seminar on Heisey's Sahara color. Very informative; thanks Kim. Part two of the program involved members showing items involving (loosely) the letter “P”.

Bev & Bob – Two Plantation vases (flared and straight), Punty & Diamond Point salt and pepper shakers with original tops & a marked bottle of Purell (this was Bob of course).
Jen & Kelly – Lariat torte plate 14 inch & Revere candy jar base stained black with Hawkes oriental engraving.
Mary & Gregg – Portsmouth goblet with Moongleam foot & Polonaise goblet/Cassandra etching.
Trudy & John – Penguin decanter. 
Kathy & Tom – Punty & Diamond Point molasses, Prince of Wales egg cup, Pinwheel and Fan 8 inch Nappy/Flamingo, and Yeoman puff box/Flamingo with insert.
Caleb – Cabochon cream & sugar/Dawn.
LaDon & Bill – Pentagon 5 inch relishes/Flamingo and Moongleam.
Ande & Greg – Pineapple & Fan creamer, Priscilla low footed jelly, and (Polka Dot) Impromptu ball vase.
Pat & Rex – Old Fitz Amber hot whiskey made for Fred Harvey.
Emie – Oxford stem/Ping Pong cutting & Johnson cologne/Danish Princess cutting.


Our November 14, 2020 meeting will again be virtual; please join us.  They are not like a person-to-person meeting but way better than no meeting. President John adjourned the meeting at 2:30 p.m.