A. H. Heisey & Company - A Chronology By Tom Felt

Reprinted from Heisey News, May, 1995

This is a chronology of the life of Augustus H. Heisey and a history of his factory from its beginnings until the closing in 1957 as researched by Tom Felt.

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The story of Eva Zeisel

Reprinted from Heisey News.

The story of Eva Zeisel, who became Heisey’s art director in 1953. She created at least two patterns for Heisey, No.. 1637A Town and Country and No. 6009A Roundelay line.

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Heisey Employee Ptofiles

Reprinted from Heisey News

Read select A. H. Heisey Company employee profiles originally published in the Heisey News.

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"New" Pattern Appears in 8100 Horseshoe and Bull's Eye

Reprinted from Heisey News, June, 2012

Here is article written by Eric Tankesley-Clarke about a new pattern, named, numbered and published in the June, 2012 Heisey News.

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The Colors of Heisey Glass

Originally published on the HCA website.

In 1925, E. Wilson Heisey and Emmett Olson (company's chemist) begin to experiment with new colors. Heisey introduced one color after the other in the late 20's and 30's..

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T. Clarence Heisey 1882-1967 By Joseph Lokay

Reprinted from Heisey News, April, 1979

This is story of the life of T. Clarence Heisey, the youngest son of Susan and A. H. Heisey.

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Clarence W. Vogel - Pioneer Heisey Researcher

Reprinted from Heisey News, January, 1991

For those wanting to know more about Clarence W. Vogel, author of the four Vogel books on Heisey Glass.

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Museum Gallery Guide

Welome to the National Heisey Glass Museum

Explore collection highlights on your own self-guided tour with this easy-to-use print guide..

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