Fandango Pitcher

The Great Plains Heisey Club

Members from Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska


September 26, 2015

Nebraska's new slogan is “Nebraska Nice”.  We had more than a taste of “nice” on September 26, 2015,    for our Great Plains Heisey Club meeting at the lovely home of Marcie and Eric Bergquist.

Our first activity was a delicious lunch of Eric's pulled pork and Marcie's salads and fixings.  So tasty!  Thank you Bergquists for setting the bar so high for the rest of the afternoon.

President John Mock called our 24 members in attendance to a semblance of order to begin the meeting.  The large Waverly bowl was passed for lunch donations which our hosts graciously donated to the GPHC treasury – thank you again.

Previous meeting minutes were approved and Treasurer Tom Files reported on our treasury balance.  Jean Will reported on a Heisey scam and reminded us to be aware of unsolicited contacts to sell Heisey.

President Mock summarized the activities of our 9 members who attended the Percy & Vivian Moore event in Seattle. Congratulations to the Northwest club for an exciting, well-organized, and fun-filled weekend.  Home tours, good food, great auction items, and very nice raffle winnings (right Mr. Curator?) made the time pass too quickly.  We hope the Northwest Club was as pleased to host as we were to attend.  (Our President John Mock served as auctioneer and coerced many attendees into higher bids to show we are all in this together to benefit HCA and have fun).  We're now looking forward to being at the 2016 PVM in Texas.

Trudy's “Martha Moment” showed pictures of display ideas to showcase your Heisey collection.  Bucky Will presented our program – Heisey salt and pepper shakers.  She credited Eric Tankesley-Clarke for his input about the subject but allowed Eric to rest his vocal cords for the most part this time.  The GPHC thanks both of you for the great display of many patterns and the excellent handout of salt and pepper information.  None of us realized how many different salt and pepper patterns Heisey produced.

There may not be any Heisey left in shops from the Midwest and points east to the Northwest after PVM attendees shopped their way to Seattle.  Some of their finds and other recent acquisitions made it to the Show and Tell table: Cecilia vase with orchid etch10.5”; #135 Empress candlesticks/Flamingo/Empress etch; Nail vase/8”; Narrow Flute with Rim puff boxes, 4” & 5”; Revere puff box with spider & bee on web cutting on cover; Hairpin jug/3 pt.; Plain Band whimsey miniature spittoon; Twist Jack-in-the-Pulpit whimsey made from soda; Winged Scroll puff box w/cover/Ivorina Verde and Jefferson hair receiver to show scroll design differences; Dancer's Leg cocktail; Raised Loop cream; Pillows toothpick; Kalonyal toothpick and covered butter; and Ridgeleigh sandwich plate with applied metal hangers holding lucite handles to provide a partial list.

A 50/50 auction of donated Heisey and Jean Will's jams and jellies was held.  Thanks to those donating and those buying to help increase our Treasury – and eventually HCA.

Our next meeting will be November 14 at Pat and Rex Lucke's home all decked out for Christmas.  Visitors are always welcomed if you let us know in advance.  The program will be on Heisey candy containers with specifics to follow later.  View our excellent website maintained by Gregg Cameron at  for a wealth of information and pictures.