Fandango Pitcher

The Great Plains Heisey Club

Members from Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska


September 23, 2006

Twenty members attended the Great Plains Heisey Club meeting in Kansas City at the home of Tom and Kathy Files on September 23, 2006.  Members drove to Kansas City in a variety of weather from sunny skies to rain.  Everyone arrived at 12:00 and enjoyed a great lunch prepared by Kathy.  We had a long meeting, so we needed nourishment to get started. 

President Bucky Will called the meeting to order and Tom Files presented the program on Heisey Fakes, Look-A-Likes and Sleepers.  HCA still has not found the slides for this program, but Tom put together a great handout and presentation. Members brought items to share and there was great discussion.

Show and Tell came next with many items as usual. Items included were:  #1255 Pineapple and Fan Molasses; #310 Ring Band Condiment Tray; #1280 Winged Scroll Ring Holder; #473 Narrow Flute with Rim Cream and Sugar with cutting; #354 Wide Flat Panel Fruit (anyone have a cover?); #3368 Albemarle Saucer Champagne; #1184 Yeoman Cream and Sugar with Empress Etch in Marigold; #360 Corby Cream and Covered Sugar; #393 Narrow Flute Cheese and Cracker; #1540 Lariat Covered Dish; #353 Colonial 12 ounce syrup and much more.

The club then held its 50/50 auction.

The minutes were then approved as they were posted on the website.  

Tom Files, Treasurer, reported on the balance in our treasury.

Then, a large part of the meeting was used to finalize the details of the Percy and Vivian Moore dinner on October 20 and 21 in Omaha.  Fifty-four people are registered to date  and registration cutoff is not until October 6.   Tom Files has written articles for the HCA News for the last four months. Mary and Gregg sent letters and brochures to all the study clubs.   John Mock, chair of the dinner led the discussion.  Trudy updated everyone on menus and decorations.  Gregg and Mary are doing the registration and the entertainment for Friday night and the “favors” for Saturday night.  Marcie and Eric will have visitor packets for all participants. Pat and Rex are hosting a brunch from 10:30-1:00 on Saturday morning. Bucky is in charge of the fundraisers and Tom is organizing the auction for Saturday night. 

This was the club’s last meeting of 2006. Elected officers for 2007 are:  Bucky Will, President; Marcie Bergquist, Secretary; and Tom Files, Treasurer.  Meeting dates and hosts for next year are: 

March 10 – John and Trudy Mock in Omaha.  Program will be on Vases
May 19 – Jean Will in Leavenworth
July – Mary Cameron in Ames
September – TBD
November – Glen Gall in Des Moines

Dues for 2007 will be collected in March, 2007.

This is Mary Cameron’s last set of minutes as secretary.  She has been secretary since the club started in October of 1999.  She would like to thank all the members of the Great Plains Club especially Tom Files for always helping with the minutes.