Fandango Pitcher

The Great Plains Heisey Club

Members from Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska


September 15, 2007

On a crisp September day 12 members of the Great Plains Heisey Club met at the home of Shelby and Gary Corey in Overland Park, Kansas.  Upon arrival, some attendees went on a tour of the beautifully remodeled home while others congregated in the kitchen eyeing Shelby’s scrumptious lunch and dessert buffet.

After dining, President Bucky Will mercifully put a stop to the caloric intake by calling the meeting to order.  Treasurer Tom Files reported a treasury balance of $282.69 and opened a discussion on potential fund raising ideas.  It was agreed to bring back the 50-50 auction at the November meeting.

Members were reminded of the October Percy Moore event and encouraged to attend.

Show and Tell produced the usual wide variety of Heisey:  339½ Continental footed butter and cover; #339 Continental egg cup;# #407 Coarse Rib ice tub; #427 Daisy and Leaves shallow bowl; #429 Plain Panel 6 oz. oil with cutting; #1503 Crystolite 7” shell praline; #466 basket with cutting; #465 Recessed Panel  ½  lb. candy with cutting and silver overlay; #114 pair of Pluto candlesticks in Hawthorne; #1567 Plantation short footed candy with #516 Plantation Ivy etch; #1231 Ribbed Octagon oval platter in Moongleam; #1210 confection tray (duplex) in Moongleam; #305 Punty and Diamond Point toothpick; #3481 Glenford cocktails in Flamingo and Moongleam; #3481 Glenford footed bar in Flamingo; #3480 Koors cocktail in Flamingo; the impressive # 1 Bull, marked; and professionally bound 2005-2006 Heisey News.  Members also enjoyed inspecting a 352 Flat Panel ashtray and match stand with a nice cutting and hearing how it was rescued from a box of “stuff” at an auction.

The program was a deviation from our usual presentations.  Shelby and Gary will be moving soon to a new South Carolina home and have decided to not move all of their sizeable Heisey collection.  Many rooms in their home had tables loaded with over 1,000 pieces of Heisey available for purchase by the attendees.  Imagine going to an all-Heisey show and having only a few of your friends in attendance!  If you missed this meeting, you missed a great buying opportunity.  And, as we always say, guests are welcome at our meetings!

The next meeting will be held November 10 in Urbandale, IA at the home of Glen Gall.  An afternoon tea will be served and the program will be on Heisey lemon dishes -- you are not going to believe Heisey made so many different types and patterns of lemon dishes.  Guests are welcome (but there won’t be a thousand pieces of Heisey for sale at this meeting).