Fandango Pitcher

The Great Plains Heisey Club

Members from Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska


September 14, 2002

It’s well documented that Heisey collectors are addicted to their Heisey hunting and collecting.  It seems only appropriate the 12 Great Plains Heisey Club members in attendance were sentenced to “prison” for their September 14 meeting.  The meeting was held at the home of Jean and John Will in the Missouri River town of Leavenworth, KS,  just a ways NW of Kansas City.  Leavenworth is best known for its Federal prison, the Kansas state prison in nearby Lansing, and the Army Officer Training School at Ft. Leavenworth.  It should also be known for its grand old homes dating back to prominent families including Susan B. Anthony.  Members were greeted with various appetizers and drinks served in numerous Heisey pattern dishes.  We couldn’t make it through the meeting without taking time out for ice cream served in Heisey sundae dishes—toppings contained in  the likes of Pillows creamers and syrups.

President Kathy Files called the meeting to order—late as usual because it is hard to stop  members from talking Heisey and eating.  The minutes were approved as submitted. The Treasurer's Report was approved as presented.

Old Business

Updates were given on Heisey fund-raisers previously discussed.  No final decisions were made but several good ideas were circulated, including moving away from a time-restricted item like a calendar and focusing on other paper products.  Ideas included producing Heisey placemats, napkins, coasters, or puzzles using photographs of Heisey glassware.  Further research will be conducted on the ideas presented.

New Business

We welcomed an interesting guest.  Buck Elliott, the great, great grandson of Caroline Heisey Gaeser—sister of A. H. Heisey—brought a unique piece to show us.  It was a Peach Blow glass vase with apparently a high gold content owned by Caroline and passed down in the family.  The vase was obviously not a Heisey production item but the family had information indicating it was produced in the late 1800s.  The family story indicated it could have been produced as an early Heisey experimental piece or perhaps by Duncan as an experimental piece when Mr. Heisey was with that firm.  The vase was not marked but had the familiar Heisey punty in its base and had the “feel” and weight of Heisey glass.  Heisey or Duncan experimental, Mt. Washington, Wheeling—the maker  may never be known but we were thankful to Buck for sharing this unusual vase with us and the research done by his family.


Jean Will presented the program on Heisey cruets using the slides from the Museum.  The program was made more effective by including cruets brought by members.  Approximately 75 different cruets were available to complement the slides, including some elusive ones like Pillows, Panelled Cane, 2  & 4 oz. Kalonyals, Ipswich, Punty and Diamond Point, Sunburst, Prison Stripe (had to have one of those in Leavenworth!), 433½ Greek Key, Fancy Loop, emerald Winged Scroll to name a few.  This enabled attendees to observe the actual item—and to see things not apparent in the slides—like the square base on the Cabochon cruet.  Everyone expressed thanks to Jean for her efforts required to put this program together.

Show and Tell

The cruets outnumbered the show and tell items at this meeting but there was still plenty to brag about.  The substitute secretary is older and didn’t record items as well as the first-team secretary but highlights included a Pineapple and Fan toothpick, Rococo 6”  footed compote, Lariat Hurricane lamps with Charleton decoration, #353 vase with possibly a Tuthill cutting, Groove and Slash ½  gallon jug, #1190 cream and #1020 sugar with the same cutting,  2 Imperial fillies—one head forward and one head turned, and a Tourjours footed vase with Minuet etch.  The highlight, and I mean 22 inches high, was a #17 two light candelabra complete with bobeches and prisms purchased earlier in the week at a local estate auction.

Plans were made for the November meeting to be held in Des Moines so members could attend the Walt Johnson show.  Gary Corey and John Mock will work on a site—details and program subject will follow.  The group adjourned to a local restaurant for food we didn’t need after the repast at Jean’s home.  So much Heisey talking plus eating going on we could have been dining with inmate escapees and not known it!