Fandango Pitcher

The Great Plains Heisey Club

Members from Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska


September 13, 2003

Joann and Bill Hagerty hosted the Great Plains Heisey Club at their wonderfully remodeled home on a beautiful September football Saturday.  The meeting began at 1:30 with members perusing or trying to guess the patterns of over 66 different Heisey stems collected by Marcie Hagerty for the meeting program.  Others passed on the overwhelming job of identifying all the stems and feasted instead on the fine food prepared by the hosts. 

Eighteen members and two guests (who later joined the club) were present at the business meeting that started officially at 2:15.  Members introduced themselves to the guests and told how they began collecting Heisey.  The guests found out about our club by the link provided to our website from the HCA homepage.  Members were excited that our web page is really helping to tell others about our club. The minutes were approved as they were posted on the website.  The Treasurer's Report was approved as presented.  Mary Cameron reported that we sent a total of $675.00 to HCA as a club donation. 

The Mocks donated an etched relish for a silent auction and the Luckes donated a #1229 Octagon muffineer in Hawthorne as an item for silent auction.  Our thanks to those members.

A discussion was held regarding the survey that Frank Husted sent out to study clubs.  Mary Cameron will email Frank our responses.

Our November 8 meeting will be at the Urbandale, Iowa Public Library at 1:30.  Mary Cameron will send out directions.  Kathy Files and Trudy Mock will do the program on dresser sets and colognes.  This meeting will be in conjunction with the Collector’s Extravaganza held at Veteran’s Auditorium on November 7, 8, and 9 in Des Moines, Iowa.  At the November meeting, we will set the meeting schedule for 2004.  Janice and Elmer Miller have offered to host a meeting next year at their farm and do a program on Heisey lamps. 

The Great Plains Heisey Club would also like to congratulate Bucky Will for a great table display at the HCA Convention.

Marcie Hagerty finally identified all 66 of the Heisey stems for us for the program.

Show and Tell was the highlight of the day.  Items shared were:  #3312 Gayoso wine in Flamingo; #1485 Saturn 5 oz. parfait; #1205 Fancy Loop shot glass; #1184 Yeoman Diamond Optic cup and saucer, dessert plate, 2 oz. oil bottle, hotel cream and sugar, 13 inch relish  and sandwich plate; #1776 Kalonyal punch bowl; 11 punch ladle; #1401 Empress Triplex relish with cutting and silver overlay; #3390 Carcassonne Sahara footed bar with Old Colony Etch; #1506 Provincial Limelight 12 oz footed tumbler; #357 Prison Stripe vase; #325 Pillows footed rose bowl; #4206 Optic Tooth Flamingo diamond optic water lamp; #3325 Rampul oyster cocktail in Hawthorne; #3333 Old Glory pousse café;  #1425 Victorian ten inch floral bowl; #362 Earnshaw syrup with cutting; #1205 Fancy Loop toothpick in Emerald; #1191 Lobe Spice Tray with center handle and silver overlay;  #3390 Carcassonne footed cigarette in Cobalt; #1205½ Fancy Loop punch bowl base; #394 Narrow Flute domino sugar; #1180 Debra cream and sugar with cutting; and a giant 64 oz. Pitcher with an unusual sanitary lid which no one had ever seen before.

The meeting adjourned and everyone continued to talk Heisey and continued to look at Heisey stems.