Fandango Pitcher

The Great Plains Heisey Club

Members from Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska


September 11, 2010

The ‘Luck of the Irish’ provided perfect weather for us to meet at O’Dowd’s Irish Pub in Kansas City, MO on September 11, 2010.  There were 16 members and 1 guest present to dine and enjoy the program “Nuts to You from Heisey” plus a bonus display of individual salt dips.  We welcomed 2 new members, Mike and Jim, to their first club meeting.

Show and Tell was the opening act as we waited for our food to be served.  Items were found in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and California in addition to our local haunts.  Our members seek Heisey wherever they travel in our effort to help the local economies.  Show and Tell items were varied as usual and the stories behind their acquisition were often as interesting as the item itself.  Some (but not all) of the items shown were:  Banded Flute and Earnshaw syrups, Banded Flute 1 pint tankard, Greek Key cruet, Plantation 5 part relish, Empress ice bucket and vase – both in Sahara, Puritan footed toothpick, 2 oz. Medium Flat Panel lavender jar, Paneled Cane cream, Jack Be Nimble candlestick with Imperial by Lenox sticker, ash tray with Holophane imprint, Parade Cane in Zircon, Spool salt shaker in Flamingo, #52 salt shaker in Hawthorne, 6” Yeoman plate with Killarney cut – unfinished salesman sample with pattern number 797 cut into piece, Beaded Panel & Sunburst individual cream and sugar, Kalonyal 9 oz. goblet, four Banded Diamond, Fluted Diamond, and Plain Diamond footed oval comports in various sizes and cuttings (impressive!), Centennial candlesticks with cutting, Twist individual cream and sugar in Flamingo, and Fern 8” mayo plate with Belvedere etch.

President John Mock officially called the meeting to order with bagpipes blaring (not).  Minutes from the last meeting were approved and the Treasurer’s report was given.  At least 5 of our members are looking forward to enjoying the Percy and Vivian Moore event in Panama City Beach, FL in October.  Our next club meeting will be November 13, 2010, in Ames, IA at the home of Mary and Gregg Cameron – featuring a program on Heisey water bottles.

‘Martha Moments’ were like a pop-up story book with Trudy Mock giving suggestions and book references for Heisey uses at various times during our meeting.  My favorite was to use a salt dip holding a chocolate-dipped strawberry, a mint, or perhaps a chocolate truffle at each place setting.  How special that would be for your guests!

Tom Files, with help from Eric Tankesley-Clarke, presented our program/lesson with a large display of nut dishes and an array of individual salt dips.  None of our members have specialized in collecting nuts or salts but we were pleasantly surprised to be able to display an example in most of the patterns – along with some look-a-likes from other glass companies.  (No ‘salty’ comments or Southwest Airlines peanut jokes were allowed).  Nuts and salts are small and very cute and appeal to nearly everyone – it was fun to see the complete and intricate patterns (though small) on the early pattern salts.  The etchings and cuttings applied to some of those small pieces by Heisey were really amazing when you stop to view the detailed work.  An informational handout accompanied the program for later reference.  Thank you, Tom and Eric, for a great display and lesson in spite of the title, “Nuts to You”.

Our 50/50 auction (better titled 100% to HCA) of Jean Will’s now famous jams and jellies and various Heisey pieces was a success.  Who wouldn’t want Heisey items like a straw holder, Pillows comport, Lariat candy with cover, etc.?

We adjourned the meeting and now look forward to a good time in Ames, IA at the November gathering.  If you would like to be a guest or a new member or just obtain more information about our club, check out our website at