Fandango Pitcher

The Great Plains Heisey Club

Members from Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska


July 8, 2006

Sixteen members and five guests attended the Great Plains Heisey Club meeting in Ames, Iowa at the home of Mary and Gregg Cameron on July 8, 2006.  It was predicted to be a hot and humid day, but the weather turned out to be cloudy and very comfortable.  Everyone arrived at 12:30 and enjoyed a great lunch prepared by Mary Cameron and Matt Wenger.   President Bucky Will called the meeting to order at 1:20 and suggested we start with our program.  Pauline Soderholm, from Ames, presented a program on Heisey toothpick holders.  Pauline collects toothpicks from many glassmakers and brought 53 Heisey toothpicks to share including three Locket on Chain toothpicks in crystal, ruby stain and emerald.  She gave a very enjoyable program.

The minutes were then approved as they were posted on the website.  

Tom Files, Treasurer, reported a balance of $815.69 in our treasury and reported on the $1000 we gave to HCA for operating expenses and the $50 we donated to the Hospitality Room at convention. Trudy Mock donated $30 she had received for doing a club presentation on Heisey colors.

The GPHC members that attended the HCA Convention shared highlights of the convention and the activities that were held as well as stories of glass purchased.

A status discussion was held regarding the Percy and Vivian Moore dinner the club is sponsoring in Omaha in October.  Mary and Gregg will be sending invitations and brochures to all study clubs in mid-July. 

Our next meeting is in Kansas City on September 23 and the program on “Fakes, Blunders, Sleepers, and Whatzits” will be presented by Tom and Kathy Files.

The club held a successful 50/50 auction to raise money for the treasury.

Show and Tell included a large amount of Heisey as many members brought “finds” from convention. Included were:  #1425 Victorian vases – 4 inch & 5.5 inch; #70 Octagon Candlesticks/9 inch; #305 Punty and Diamond Point five ounce syrup; #1519 Waverly footed cheese in Amber; #1520 Colonade Sugar Pourer; #353 Flat Panel 1.5 Oz. Lavender Jar; a Tiger paperweight made by Mosser Glass; #357 Prison Stripe handled nappy; #355 Quator covered marmalade; #355 Quator covered mustard; #1401 Empress three pint jug in Sahara; #1425 Victorian condiment set; #1255  Pineapple and Fan salt and pepper; Whaley 56 ounce jug with silver overlay and etched with six matching champagne glasses; Fred Harvey etched champagne flute; #1503 Crystolite puff jar; #393 Narrow Flute mustard; #451 Cross Lined Flute relish; #1519 Waverly two part relish and much, much more.