Fandango Pitcher

The Great Plains Heisey Club

Members from Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska


July 19, 2008

It was a lovely day in an Ames, IA neighborhood for the GPHC meeting on July 19, 2008. Mary and Gregg Cameron were our gracious hosts and Chef Matt was on hand to provide a wonderful lunch. Mary had prepared our program about relish dishes so the meal began with an array of relishes to "stimulate the appetites" of the 20 attendees. Relishes of "sweets and sours" were followed by a variety of beef, chicken salad, and tuna sandwich wraps that were "coded" and desserts stacked in multi-layers. All so yummy! Thanks to the chefs.

Our meeting was called to order by President John Mock. (We were so happy to have John and Trudy with us after a 4th of July fire at their house. Fireworks are a danger! We were assured in proper order: They are OK, the cats are safe, the house is repairable, and no Heisey was lost). Treasurer Tom Files reported that our Club donated $700 to HCA at the 2008 Convention plus approximately $50 in meats, cheeses, and crackers for the hospitality room. Others who attended the June Convention reported their experiences and observations and congratulations were given to Tom Files as a newly elected HCA Board Member.

Gregg Cameron reported some interesting statistics about hits on our Club website. Gregg has updated the site - check it out at

We send good health wishes to members Elmer Miller and Gary Corey. Shelby and Gary Corey are moving to S. Carolina so maybe they can connect with a club in that area. Good luck but we'll miss you in our group. And Glen Gall is nearly back to dancing following foot surgery.

Trudy Mock shared a "Martha Moment" that was a newspaper picture of President John at an antique show.

Mary Cameron's program "Heck on Relishes" provided a list of about 200 different relish or related dishes by Heisey. We learned relishes were served to stimulate the appetite and since salads hadn't come into popularity in Heisey's early years, it was a good way to serve veggies. It was desirable to have 7 sweets and 7 sours and no dips or dressings were served as we do today. Many examples were present as members were asked to bring a favorite Heisey relish. We also had a visiting relish from Indiana - a stunning Vaseline Winged Scroll tall celery. The program, including a listing of relish dishes, will be on our website.

To thank Jean Will for her 4 years of service on the HCA Board of Directors, Mary Cameron on behalf of our Club presented Jean with a 352 Flat Panel 2 quart Crushed Fruit filled with beautiful roses in an assortment of colors. Thank you, Jean, for your service time and effort.

Show and Tell included many nice pieces and Convention finds: #451 Cross Lined Flute open sugar, #4002 Aqua Caliente cocktail with Golfer Etch, #3408 Jamestown goblet with Palmetto cutting, #1255 Pineapple and Fan tankard - McGregor, IA souvenir, #433 Greek Key 2 qt. jug, #1401 Empress vase with silver overlay, #1519 Waverly oval comport with Orchid etch, #1533 Lariat hurricane lamp with floral decoration, #1485 Saturn mustard with attached paddle, #357 Duck ashtray/Flamingo, #1485 Saturn 6" ball vase, #1519 Waverly cigarette holder with seahorse handles/Orchid etch, #1550 Dolphin candlestick, #2052 and #4052 National bars with Tally Ho etch.

A lively 50-50 auction was held to help replenish the treasury. We raise money from the sale of non-Heisey items also -- a nice English teapot was donated and sold.

Our next meeting will be September 13, 2008 at the Mock's home in Omaha. The program will either be on the Plantation pattern or "How to Clean Heisey after a Fire". The November meeting will be on the 15th at Glen Gall's home in Urbandale, IA. The program will be on Heisey's short candlesticks.

The meeting was adjourned and we ate more dessert. We are an eating bunch - come join us!