Fandango Pitcher

The Great Plains Heisey Club

Members from Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska


July 17, 2010

Ok, our weather was not perfect – it’s July in the Midwest!  I’m not even going to mention the heat, humidity, or “feels like temperature”.  BUT 29 Heisey-ites met in Omaha, NE at the lovely home of John and Trudy Mock for our July meeting.  I think that’s the largest attendance ever at one of our club meetings.  Quite a show of dedication when you consider some members travelled over 300 miles each way.  The Mocks provided a delicious “milk can” meal (ask John for instructions) with a fresh, tasty salad and biscuits that fit right in with the program.

President Mock called our meeting to order and welcomed two new members and one guest.  Minutes of the previous meeting were approved and the treasurer’s report was given.

Our newly elected HCA board member, Mary Cameron, gave a recap of the June convention activities.  There were 14 members of our club at the convention this year and we hope even more will attend next year to celebrate the 40th anniversary of HCA.  Our club and club members were happy to make multiple donations to help our museum operating and endowment funds; the hospitality room; the auctions; and the museum collection.

Thanks were expressed to Tom & Kathy Files, Eric Tankesley-Clarke, and Bucky Will for staffing a Heisey booth at the National Depression Glass Convention in Wichita, KS on July 10 & 11.  Eric brought an array of beautiful Heisey pieces from his collection representing all the Heisey colors and many of the patterns.  Many of the show’s attendees stopped by our table for Heisey talk and handouts.

Trudy Mock had a “Martha’s Moment” showing pictures of her outside planters where she had included pieces of Heisey among her flowers.  They were chipped pieces but still beautiful and they added a special flair to the planter arrangements.

Our program was butter and butter dishes inspired by John & Trudy’s grandchildren not understanding why Heisey butter dishes were round or even why they were made.  Trudy provided a history of butter with facts and figures and a timeline from King Tut to present day with props of butter paddles, butter press, churns, etc.  Trudy and John tag-teamed the program so with a gentle ‘pat’ from Trudy, John ‘churned’ his way through a fantastic display of approximately 4 dozen Heisey butter containers that ‘moo-ved’ us all to feel a bit ‘daze-y’.  He ‘milked’ the program by providing a handout listing the patterns and styles to help us keep track.  Over 40 examples from the Mocks and other members’ collections filled a large counter top and left no ‘margin-ine’ for error.  (Enough of the groaning, already).

Show and Tell was nearly overwhelming – there is no way I could include everything so I apologize to members who brought pieces I didn’t list.  I’m going to leave off pattern numbers this month to conserve space: Harvey amber tumbler, Pineapple and Fan jug in emerald, oval Old Williamsburg bowl (Vogel called it Continuous Panel), Empress after-dinner coffee cup and saucer with elaborate Hawkes cut, #7020 puff box, Trident candlesticks – frosted with silver trim, Gascony bar glass with Hunting Scene etch, Yeoman cream soup in flamingo with Old Colony etch, Pillows finger bowl, Dunham sugar/cut, Puritan table cream,  Empress dolphin footed candlesticks in crystal, Coleport ice tub with silver plated handle, Park Lane goblet with George IV cutting, original “Heisey’s” department store sign, Horse Head cocktail, Wings ash tray in moongleam, Daisy and Leaves Jug,  5” Beehive plate in zircon, 5 part Rococo mayonnaise & relish in limelight, Cabochon covered candy in dawn, New Era plate, after-dinner cup, and saucer with Vanity Fair carving, Balda jug with Monticello etch,  Angular Criss-Cross tumbler in flamingo, unknown but marked sugar similar to Petal blank, Ball Stem candlesticks with cutting, and many, many other beautiful pieces.

Our 50/50 auction (that we apparently need to rename 100/0 since everyone seems to donate the proceeds to the club) included not only many nice pieces of Heisey but also fresh blackberries picked that a.m. plus red raspberry and strawberry jams from Bucky and Jean Will.  We thank them for their labor that helps our treasury as it will eventually help HCA.  (Don’t forget to return the jars).  Thanks also to the other contributors of Heisey items to auction.  The auction, ‘pass the hat’ for lunch, and another donation brought in a total of $459.

The meeting was adjourned and we headed for the dessert buffet where there was something for everybody’s palate.  There was a table full of cakes, bars, and fudge candies.  We have the best meetings!  Thank you, John and Trudy, for hosting, being chefs, and presenting the program.  You wore many hats and did them all proud.

The next meeting will be September 11 in the Kansas City area – details will be sent later.  Visit our website maintained by Gregg Cameron at    for the latest information on club happenings, meeting minutes, recipes, pictures and more.