Fandango Pitcher

The Great Plains Heisey Club

Members from Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska


July 14, 2018

It was a hot ole summer day in Kansas City, MO, on July 14 when 24 Heisey collectors met at the lovely home of Chris and Lehi German for our Great Plains Heisey Club meeting. It's summertime – it's Kansas City – so it's logical our first activity was to enjoy a lavish BBQ theme lunch featuring numerous smoked meats prepared by pitmaster and host Lehi. A great smoked salmon pate with crackers and appropriate side dishes earned the spread a 5 star rating from all attendees.

We were close to being in a food coma but President John Mock began our official meeting. Minutes and treasury report were accepted – Tom Files reported our members' wishes were met during the recent convention with our club's donation of $4,500 to the Heisey Museum Endowment Fund.
The 'hat' was passed for donations for our primo lunch and hosts Chris and Lehi generously gave the proceeds to help grow our treasury – and ultimately benefit HCA.

Gregg Cameron gave us the HCA Board update including new officers and info about the new front doors at the Heisey Museum. Convention attendees shared news of the activities and the new video. Kudos were given to 2 members of our club, Pat Lucke and Trudy Mock, who set up striking displays at the convention show to fit the theme “Under the Sea”.

Trudy shared a “Martha's Moment” of using a round Heisey basket as a Tootsie Pop holder to serve a group. Would be a very elegant Trick or Treat holder too.

Our terrific program director, Eric Tankesley-Clarke, did it again. He displayed 2 large tables of examples and printed material to present the topic of “Heisey Etchings, Cuttings, and Carvings featuring People and Animals”. About 90 different examples in all. We wish everyone could have experienced this event and received all the valuable information. There were etchings that many of us had never seen before and many we will now be seeking on our Heisey adventures in the 'wild'. Thanks so much, Eric. (I heard you had a 'Vanna' helper who really enjoyed the pieces displayed).

The Show & Tell session following convention always includes some great pieces. Elaine vase/Moongleam, #485 4 oz. cologne with cutting, Imperial small Elephant/green frosted, Old Williamsburg 2-light candelabra/Amber tear drop prisms, Coarse Rib celery/Marigold stain, Plantation 1-light candlestick/Ivy etching, Pembroke candlestick/Moongleam/'C' prisms, Banded Diamond Foot individual nut, Botanical ashtray, Ipswich cruet/cross stopper, complete Yeoman bridge smoking set/Flamingo, Atkins bitters bottle and a bar glass/Tally Ho etching to name a few. An auction of donated items followed along with Jean Will's jam and jelly sales.

Our next GPHC meeting in September will be held in the Minneapolis area at Bev and Bob Heise's home during the Percy & Vivian Moore weekend. We hope to see many of you in Minnesota for all the good times the Northwoods Heisey Study Club has planned for this event.

We adjourned for ice cream and homemade cookies. Giant thanks to Chris and Lehi for hosting our meeting. Lehi's cabinets filled with all the Heisey animals were sights to behold! Check out our website for all our news and pictures.