Fandango Pitcher

The Great Plains Heisey Club

Members from Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska


July 14, 2001

Thirteen members attended the July 14, 2001 meeting of the Great Plains Heisey Club at the beautiful Lincoln, Nebraska home of Eric and Marcie. Attendees enjoyed a tour of the house and the Heisey located in most every room—including a live goldfish with an elegant home in the largest size Heisey ball vase—with Mermaid etch.

President Tom called the meeting to order at 1:30 p.m. The minutes of the May 19, 2001 meeting were approved as submitted. The Treasurer's Report was approved as presented.

Old Business:
The Great Plains Heisey Club Web Site is up on the Internet. Presently, it is on the individual pages of Gregg and Mary. The club voted to investigate getting our own domain name. Mary and Gregg will look into this. The domain name we want is Great Plains Heisey Club. Mary will continue to update the pages with members’ information. Members were requested to check out the site and send their info to Mary. Gregg will be putting pictures from meetings on the pages.

Kathy gave a report on the HCA Convention. The club thanked the Luckes and Millers for taking care of the Blind Auction item and the Hospitality Room treats. We had eleven club members at the convention from the Great Plains Club. The Granville and Newark shows were smaller this year. At the I.D. breakfast, Pat’s sahara ball vase was identified as a Heisey piece with possibly a Krall cutting. Kathy also reported that the Heisey color, Alexandrite, was confusing because of the formula—the responsible chemist also moonlighted for other glass companies. The Blind Auction and Swap Meet were very successful. Tom and Kathy were greeters at the Museum during the former employees reception. Everyone was encouraged to attend next year.

New Business:
The September 8 meeting will be at the home of Rex and Pat at 1:30. The program for this meeting was scheduled to be Heisey patterns from 1940-1957—to complete our review of all patterns. However, the attendees voted to defer this program to the November meeting. The September meeting instead will be on Heisey animals so the members can view Pat’s extensive collection. Tom agreed to prepare some information on Heisey animals to supplement the viewing.

Tom reviewed the new Heisey reference book that has just been published, Heisey Glass: 1896-1957 by Neila and Tom Bredehoft. This is a great reference book covering most major Heisey patterns that is accurate and arranged by date of production.

A discussion was held about purchasing some folding tables for club meetings to use for the program and show and tell. After discussion, it was decided not to do this. Any hosting member needing tables or chairs could rent them and be reimbursed by the club.

John told the Great Plains Club about a bad experience he had purchasing Heisey on Ebay. He reminded members to be careful when purchasing on Ebay—check the seller’s feedback and correspond with the seller before the auction closes.

A successful auction was held of several whimsey items that Bill and Joann and Marcie and Eric donated—Joann had the auctioneer spiel down Pat by the end.

The program for the meeting was patterns from 1930 to 1939. Examples of almost all major patterns of this period were represented. Items shared were: #1401 Empress tangerine seven inch square plate and an Empress sahara candlestick with dolphin feet; #3390 Carcassonne flamingo goblet; #1404 Old Sandwich toddy glass; #1405 Ipswich crystal footed tumbler; #1415 Twentieth Century pitcher in dawn; #4222 Horseshoe cream and sugar in crystal with moongleam handles; #3397 Gascony decanter with etching; #4163 Whaley mug with Fox Chase etch; #1428 Warwick cobalt cornucopia vase; #21 Aristocrat candlesticks that represented Aristocrat pattern #1430; #4044 New Era footed goblet; #4054 Coronation martini mixer; #1433 Thumbprint and Panel sahara bowl; #1425 Victorian sherbet; #1469 Ridgeleigh two part relish double marked; #1485 Saturn sherbet, cruet, and mustard; #1488 Kohinoor cocktail; #341 Old Williamsburg cold cream jar; #1489 Puritan ash tray with horse head finial; #5003 Crystolite blown tumblers and #1503 covered candy; #1509 Queen Ann candlesticks; #1506 Whirlpool; #7000 Sunflower candlesticks; #1508 Card Case; #1511 Tourjours seven inch plate with minuet etch and rose bowl with minuet etch; #1483 Stanhope cup; and #1495 Fern three-part relish, mayo and underplate.

After this long program, all the members were even more anxious for the Show and Tell part of the meeting. Show and Tell items included: #1401 Empress sahara four-part relish; #1255 Pineapple and Fan footed cake salver; #335 Prince of Wales Plumes spooner; #1469 Ridgeleigh cigarette and ash tray and five-part star relish; #1503 Crystolite two-part mayo; #1021 Christine cream and sugar; #1170 Pleat and Panel sherbet etched; #353 Medium Flat Panel footed almond; #1255 Pineapple and Fan four-inch nappy; #335 Prince of Wales Plumes rose bowl; #7000 Sunflower 13 inch tray; #4002 Aqua Caliente cocktail shaker and two cocktails with the sailboat etch; #353 Medium Flat Panel lemon; #1184 Yeoman lemon etched; #411 Tudor lemon with intaglio cut; #1183 Revere marmalade etched; #351 Pricilla covered butter dish; #4044 New Era candlestick with prisms; #21 Aristocrat etched candlestick; #134 Trident candlestick with cutting; #337 Touraine sugar with cover; #380 Scalloped Octagon four-inch nappy; #1425 Victorian three-part relish; #1235 Beaded Panel and Sunburst table sugar and creamer; #3480 Koors pitcher with flamingo foot and diamond optic and #4220 flamingo Janice vase.

The meeting adjourned at 4:30, but members continued to talk Heisey and many continued the discussion over dinner.