Fandango Pitcher

The Great Plains Heisey Club

Members from Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska


July 13, 2002

Twelve members of the Great Plains Heisey Club met at the home of John and Trudy Mock in Omaha, Nebraska on July 13, 2002 in their just-remodeled finished basement.  The new rooms are beautiful and a perfect setting for a Heisey meeting.  Talk about a meeting getting off to a good start!!!  Soon after arrival everyone was served with a special treat of banana splits served in Heisey Greek Key and other pattern banana split dishes.  Everyone must have been in a rush to find the  “Diamond H” in the bottom of their dish as this yummy treat disappeared in a hurry.

President Kathy Files called the meeting to order and the minutes were approved.  The Treasurer's Report was approved as presented. A motion was made and approved to open an account in a bank or credit union.  Tom Files will take care of this.

Old Business:

1.  Kathy Files shared a thank you with us for our donation to the Hospitality Suite at the HCA Convention.
2.  Eight members from our club attended the HCA Convention and they shared their highlights with the group.  
3. Tom Files has checked on getting a host for our website where we will be able to use our club domain name in the URL.  A motion was passed to have Tom make arrangements to select a host.  Tom said this sounded like a cold weather project.

4.  The calendar project is on hold.

New Business:

1.  The September 14 meeting will be at Jean Will’s home in Leavenworth, Kansas.  She will be sending directions to Mary Cameron to distribute.  Jean will present the program on cruets.  The November 9 meeting will be held in Des Moines in conjunction with Walt Johnson’s Collector’s Extravaganza.  Mary Cameron will contact Marilyn Sampson to make the arrangements.

The program was on Heisey mustards and was led by John Mock.  Most of the Heisey mustards   were represented and many were shown in various colors and with cuttings—many with Heisey mustard spoons and paddles.  John ended the informative program by sharing a very late pattern mustard from the refrigerator - French’s in the “Sahara” yellow bottle with a crude magic marker “H” on the bottom.

Show and Tell was the highlight because members shared some of the glass they purchased at the HCA Convention.  Items included: #1 Georgian nine inch candlestick; 1469 Ridgeleigh Roly Poly; #8025 Banded Diamond Band fluted jelly; #1255 Pineapple and Fan jug in Emerald with gold flashing; #3390 Carcassone jug; #1425 Victorian pitcher; #362 syrup with etching; #1229 Revere salt dip with etching; #1205 Fancy Loop claret jug with metal fitting; #357 Prison Stripe punch bowl; #325 Pillows nine inch bowl; #1401 Empress cup and saucer in Alexandrite; #479 Petal cream and sugar in Flamingo;#1184 Yeoman after dinner cup and saucer with Empress etch in Flamingo; #1205 Fancy Loop wine; #1250 Grove and Slash claret jug with metal fitting; #3480 Koors tumbler with optic in Moongleam with an original red Heisey label and original Heisey inventory sticker;  #351 Priscilla high footed fruit bowl; #585 soda with narrow optic; #355 Quator individual cream and sugar with floral cutting; #353 Colonial orange bowl; #394 Colonial mustard lid; #4 puff box bottom; #394 Narrow Flute jug and 8 ounce footed goblet; #1235 Beaded Panel and Sunburst pitcher and tumbler; #300 Peerless spooner with gold flashing; #1181 Yeoman individual cream with Tatting etch and Monogram; 1913 Heisey Catalog #75; #8061 Lodi Cream and Sugar; #411 Tudor thin neck sugar pourer; #68 Hepplewhite Candlesticks with etching, and #485 Dunham sugar and lid  with cutting.

he meeting adjourned to a local restaurant for dinner and more “Heisey” talk—but the food served couldn’t top those Heisey banana splits at the Mocks!!