Fandango Pitcher

The Great Plains Heisey Club

Members from Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska


July 11, 2020

We had our first meeting since November 2019 with 22 members logging into a virtual meeting on July 11, 2020.  Not as much fun (and no food or fundraisers for HCA) but it was good to see our GPHC members who were able to join in.  Our President, John Mock, expressed thanks to Emie Heisey for the GoToMeeting connection and to Caleb-Michael Files for being our 'techie' who guided us through the process.

John thanked our heroic first responders serving during this pandemic. Bucky Will and Donna Nyght work at a major treatment facility, KU Medical Center, but took a needed break to join our virtual meeting.

The 2020 officers were officially approved – no surprises.  John will continue as President; Kathy and Tom Files as Secretary and Treasurer respectively; Eric Tankesley-Clarke as our program director.  We appreciate the support of our members.  We're always open to suggestions and we'll keep working to help HCA.

Tom Files gave his Treasury report.  At the request of HCA, in April we cleaned out our account and donated $5,500 to HCA's Operating Fund.  We appreciate the efforts of the HCA Board to hold the line on expenses as the pandemic is taking its toll on available revenue because of the many event postponements and cancellations.

Martha's Moment by Trudy Mock gave mention of the Texas club's calendars on sale in our Museum gift shop and William McKelvey's book of table settings.  Both are beautifully done and profits go to HCA.  She recognized the table setting of Pat Lucke using Heisey pieces in Sahara and Mary Cameron's Flamingo Pleat and Panel table setting.  'Martha' displayed a large Verlys bowl serving as a perfect holder of yarn for her knitting project.  That 'Martha' is always thinking!

Our technical coordinator, Caleb-Michael, ran the Kim Carlisle YouTube video seminar on rare and unusual Heisey pieces to serve as our educational program.  Seeing the fantastic one-offs and whimsies in that presentation was very enlightening.

Show and Tell wasn't quite the same virtually but members managed to display some nice pieces online.  An array of 3 nice vases (Medium Flat Panel and Peerless) with flowers; Christy goblet and Jack Be Nimble candleholder in Moongleam; Saxony stem with blue stain and a Carcassonne stem with amber stain; White Owl ashtray; an Aristocrat lamp with mushroom shade and prisms; Queen Ann floral bowl and Trident candlesticks all with the same elaborate cutting; Bead Swag tumbler with ruby stain engraved 'Hutchinson State Fair-Ks' and  tiny Yeoman restaurant creamer with diamond optic; Ring Band pitcher in Opal with matching tumblers; Victorian ashtray in Sahara; and a rack of  smoked ribs which hopefully will be on the menu for our next in-person meeting.  We're in a wait-and-see mode for that September 2020 meeting scheduled to be hosted by Chris and Lehi German in Kansas City.

We were glad to at least virtually get caught up with our far-flung members.  We've also missed seeing our Ohio Heisey friends and especially our Museum decked out with new carpet.  We're hoping everyone stays healthy until this virus is conquered .  We welcome a return to normal times, including trips to Heiseyland.