Fandango Pitcher

The Great Plains Heisey Club

Members from Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska


July 10, 2004

Ever had lunch prepared in a multi-gallon milk can fired over a turkey fryer?  That was the fare for 19 Great Plains Heisey Club members and 5 guests attending the July 10, 2004 GPHC meeting at John and Trudy Mocks’ house in Omaha, NE.  Brats, corn on the cob, potatoes, and cabbage all cooked in beer in the milk can.  Chicken on the grill also.  All this followed by 3 types of dessert served with homemade ice cream.  Did we come for a Heisey meeting or to stuff ourselves?

The meeting was called to order after lunch by President John Mock.  Minutes from the previous meeting were approved as submitted.  Treasurer Tom Files reported a balance of $844.19 after approved Convention payments were made.  The GPHC sent $50 to help with Hospitality Room expenses and purchased items for the centerpiece and blind auctions.  Both auction events raised important money to support HCA – the centerpiece items of a Heisey Crushed Fruit Jar containing a beautiful floral arrangement surrounded by products and cut outs of our 4 represented states, sitting on a specially cut diamond shaped mirror, raised $250 for HCA, the second most of the 13 centerpieces auctioned.  Kathy had pictures of the GPHC centerpiece for members to view, as well as pictures of the centerpiece donated by Jean Will.  The Club thanked Kathy for coordinating the auction donations.  Kathy also provided other Convention news including the selection of our member, Jean Will, to the HCA Board of Directors and Walter Ludwig as HCA Museum Curator.  The attendees passed a resolution congratulating Jean on her successful campaign and pledging their support.  In Jean’s absence, Kathy reported Jean is soliciting comments and input from our members about HCA operations and, especially, fundraisers.  Everyone was pleased a person of Walter’s Heisey knowledge would now be on site at the Museum.

The program on Heisey comports was prepared and given by Trudy Mock.  At least that was the intent when Trudy started her research.  She soon discovered Heisey was very inconsistent in their labeling of comports, compotes, compotiers, footed bowls, jellies, and preserves.  Trudy had approximately 50 Heisey vessels on display, the attendees task was to name only the ones identified in Heisey catalogs as comports.  Two of our guests, the Casson twins, collaborated and correctly identified the most comports.  If you think this is easy, just thumb through the Vogel books and try to figure out why Heisey would call an item a footed bowl in one pattern and a similar item in another pattern a comport.  It was very impressive to see this many similar pieces of Heisey on one long counter and everyone complimented Trudy on her work.

We had to bring in extra tables for Show and Tell.  Space doesn’t permit listing everything but here are some of the items:  Kalonyal punch bowl & base, Kalonyal high footed bowl, Jamestown goblet, Waverly cocktails, Christine cream and sugar, Debra cream and sugar, 300½ Colonial jug, nesting boat dishes, Narrow Flute parfaits, Medium Flat Panel syrup, Greek Key individual cream and sugar, Sunflower gardenia bowl, 3 pint Narrow Flute with Rim jug, 9” Sahara ball vase, Spanish goblet with Florentine cutting, Empress ice bucket with cutting, Empress 7 part Hors D’oeuvre tray with cutting, Continental Hotel sugar, Continental footed bowl, Coarse Rib cream and sugar in Hawthorne, Liner in Sahara for Empress Frappe set, pair of Crystolite 3 light candlesticks with flower vase inserts, Swan Handled jug by Imperial in Jade, Punty and Diamond Point lamp shade and two 12” red flashed vases similar to Heisey’s #4191 that no one could identify for sure.  John told an interesting story about his acquisition of the lamp shade.  Turns out it was all malarkey and a conspiracy between John and Tom as it was actually a surprise anniversary gift from Tom to Kathy.

Another successful 50-50 auction was conducted by John and others to cajole maximum bids.  We raised $247 for the club treasury.  President Mock thanked all those who donated and bought.  He then adjourned the meeting so we could eat more dessert.

It was a most enjoyable day at the Mocks’ home dining on the patio overlooking the golf course and then conducting the meeting in their spacious (and thankfully air conditioned) family room.

The next meeting will be September 11 at the Corey’s in Overland Park, KS.  Gary and Shelby will present a program on barware and cigarette items.  Directions to their home will be send out closer to September 11.  The November meeting will be at Glen Gall’s home in the Des Moines area on the Saturday to coincide with the Walt Johnson Antique Show.  The program will be on pitchers and jugs.