Fandango Pitcher

The Great Plains Heisey Club

Members from Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska


May 9, 2009

Not an elk in sight on May 9, 2009 when we convened our Great Plains Heisey Club meeting at the lovely home of Pat and Rex Lucke in Elkhorn, NE. There was Heisey to behold and members to enjoy and even a guest or two. (Becky Trowbridge from the Denver area was visiting with Trudy; Paul Moss from Lincoln, NE came for a visit and became our newest member. Welcome aboard!).

After a delicious lunch our meeting was called to order by Treasurer Tom Files in the absence of President John Mock. The minutes from our previous meeting were approved and the Treasurer's report was given. Tom gave a recap of the successful April Benefit Auction held in Newark.

Trudy Mock showed us a Glass Toothpick Holders book and we reviewed the Heisey section and admired the pictures. Member Jean Will invited everyone to her special 80th birthday party on May 24 in Leavenworth, KS. Congratulations to Jean for reaching this milestone. This is one of the few events in Leavenworth where you don't have to be indicted to be invited.

Discussion was held regarding the Club donation to HCA at the Convention as well as the hospitality room and the amounts were approved.

Our program on Heisey Winchester '73 etch was given by Mary Cameron since host Rex Lucke has a special interest in that silhouette etch and provided the crystal glassware examples. Mary also provided a cup and saucer from Vernon Kilns with their complementary Winchester '73 design. We all enjoyed Mary's comprehensive information and Gregg Cameron's Power Point visuals including the promotional preview of the movie shown in theaters back in the early 1950s. (There was no popcorn or jujubes but after a great lunch and knowing dessert was coming, we didn't miss those theater snacks). Winchester '73 was in the era of western movie good guys (the white hats of Hopalong Cassidy, Gene Autry, and Roy Rogers). The movie starred Jimmy Stewart and Shelley Winters. Good memories and a good program - thanks Rex, Mary, and Gregg.

Our Show and Tell was next. It appeared some of our snowbirds had cleared all the Heisey out of the Southern tier of states. Here's some of the pieces - sorry, I missed many items because I was enjoying instead of writing: #1567 Plantation non-matching candleblocks, #1567 Plantation round butter, #150 Banded Flute water bottle, #305 Punty and Diamond Point items --sugar shaker, cologne, toothpick, and spoon, #500 Octagon basket/Flamingo, #339 Continental toothpick, #1405 Ipswich candlestick and cream and sugar, #343 Sunburst jug, #1428 Warwick individual candleholders/Cobalt, #4225 one pint Cobel cocktail shaker with "Us" etch, #1503 Crystolite puff box, #2323 Navy 5 oz. soda, #3362 high footed Charter Oak comport/Moongleam, #1488 Kohinoor 2 light candlesticks, #806 Colonial 1.5 pound candy or cracker jar , two #1 Madonnas frosted and clear, #4220 Janice vase/Flamingo, #2 Clydesdale, #1 Horsehead bookend, #1509 Queen Ann 5 o'clock 3 compartment relish with #503 Minuet etch, "Pillows" look-a-like rose bowl, all 5 colors of the #1252 Twist oval hotel cream and sugar sets, and much, much more.

A name was drawn by our guest Becky to receive the door prize of a Heisey Wabash goblet with Mayflower etch. Mary Cameron was the lucky winner - congrats.

We passed the "hat" to feed our treasury - thank you to everyone! A 50/50 auction was held with items of Heisey "Table Talk" pages, a deck of green Animal cards, and many jars of Jean Will's homemade plum jam (always a best seller). Our newest member, Paul Moss, offered up Heisey punch cups and other items for the auction also. Thanks to all donors and all buyers - it takes a village.

Our attendance numbered 18 including guests. Everyone was invited upstairs to enjoy dessert so we adjourned quickly and set to that task. Thank you to our hosts, the Luckes, who made everyone feel at home. Their collections are wonderful to see and we all felt so welcomed and well-fed. Thank you also to Tom Files for acting as President, Treasurer, and Auctioneer - a rather busy day for him!

Our July 18, 2009 meeting will be at the home of John and Trudy Mock in Omaha. They also have a great Heisey collection and it's always fun at their house on the golf course. Come join us and I mean that literally - we welcome new members. All our meetings have good programs and are most enjoyable.

All details and lots of other info and pictures can be found at

Hope to see everyone at the 2009 HCA Convention.