Fandango Pitcher

The Great Plains Heisey Club

Members from Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska


May 18, 2002

Fourteen members attended the May 18, 2002 Great Plains Heisey club meeting at the home of Gary and Shelby Corey in Overland Park, Kansas.  President Kathy Files called the meeting to order late due to the fact that members hadn’t seen each other since last November.  There was a lot of talking and looking at the “winter” Heisey purchases.

The minutes of the November 10, 2001 meeting were approved as submitted. The Treasurer's Report was approved as presented.  We have 27 paid members for 2002 at this time.  We are hoping more members will renew their memberships and we always welcome new members.

Old Business:

1.  A discussion about dues was held.  It was decided that members could pay dues in advance for up to five years to make the bookkeeping easier for the treasurer and secretary.  At the November, 2002 meeting members can pay $5.00 for one year or $25.00 for five years.

2.  Our web site needs a host that will let us use our URL “”  Presently, the Cameron’s host our site, but Qwest requires a business account in order to use another URL.  Business accounts are $40-$50 a month.  Tom Files is going to check with his internet provider about hosting.

3.  Our July 13 meeting will be at the home of John and Trudy Mock in Omaha, Nebraska.  The program will be Heisey mustards. The September 14 meeting will be at the home of Jean Will in Leavenworth, Kansas.  The program will be Heisey cruets, syrups and oils.

4.  We are still going to work on a Heisey calendar for a fundraiser for HCA.  Marcie and Eric weren’t at the meeting to give us an update of the work they have done so far on the calendar.

5.  At our July meeting we are also going to discuss locations for future meetings.

New Business:

1.  Pat and Rex Lucke have generously offered to donate an item in our club name for the Blind auction at the HCA Convention.  A big thanks to them for their offer.  Kathy Files agreed to contact the Luckes and offer to pay for the donation from the Club treasury.

2.  Great Plains will also donate $50 to the sponsoring club for use in the Hospitality Room at the HCA Convention. Kathy Files will contact John Mock about sending a check.

3.  The voting delegate for the HCA Convention will be Kathy Files and Bucky Will will be the alternate.

4.  The deadline to register for the HCA Convention and be eligible for the souvenirs is May 24.

5. Kathy Files reviewed the HCA Benefit Auction.


Tom Files presented the program on Heisey sugar shakers.  Sample shakers shown were: #1183 Revere shaker; #1201 Fandango sifter; #1001 Yeoman (Caswell) waffle set in Flamingo; #305 Punty and Diamond Point sifter; #1485 Saturn pourer; and #411 Tudor.  Other shakers not available were: #140 Banded Flute sifter; #1776 Kalonyal; #1503 Crystolite Muffineer; and #1520 Colonnade.

Show and Tell

Items included were: #3366 Trojan 5 ounce saucer champagne in Hawthorne; #1519 Waverly cigarette with seahorse handles; #325 Pillows pickle tray; #1205 Fancy Loop pickle in Emerald; #3397 Gascony sherbet in Sahara; #355 Quator large nappy; #1443 Quaker small nappies; #433 Greek Key cupped sherbet; Fine Tooth 8 inch wheel cut plate; Colonial 7 ounce schoppen; #1536 Military Cap ashtray; #1225 Ridge and Star 7 inch plate in Hawthorne; #484 - 8 inch nappy with gold and black enamel; #305 Punty and Diamond Point toothpick; #355 Quator 7 inch footed conserve with cutting; #1565 Leaf jelly in Dawn; #393 Narrow Flute individual mustard with cover; #365 old Queen Anne spooner; large muffineer in Moongleam; #1404 Old Sandwich ketchup; #1469 Ridgleigh ashtray in Zircon; #4027 Christos Decanter with Tally Ho etching and steeple top; #4062 Aqua Caliente cocktail; National shot glass; #4054 Coronation 2 quart ice tankard; #1252 Twist hotel cream and sugar in Moongleam; #1255 Pineapple and Fan spooner; #3404 Spanish saucer champagne with Springtime Copperplate etching; #353 Medium Flat Panel measuring cup; Frog cheese plate in Moongleam; #353 Medium Flat Panel sanitary straw holder; #1503 Crystolite 4 ounce cologne with dauber; #353 Medium Flat Panel toothpick tray; #1205 Fancy Loop punch glass; #3405 Alibi 3 ounce cocktail with Nimrod carving; two #305 Punty and Diamond Point 6 inch vases.

The meeting adjourned and members continued to talk “Heisey.”