Fandango Pitcher

The Great Plains Heisey Club

Members from Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska


May 10, 2008

Having a club with members in 4 states keeps us aware of modes of travel and the cost of gas. Two of our members arrived with their Airstream trailer in tow. They were thankful for the large parking lot at the restaurant in Shawnee, KS where we met for our May 10 meeting. Twelve members attended and enjoyed a yummy meal and homemade desserts in a private dining room where we could eat and talk Heisey all to ourselves.

The meeting was called to order by Tom Files who was filling in for our President John Mock--he chose a trip to Hawaii over a visit to Kansas.

Dues were collected and we're happy to have a new member, Janet Jones of Lansing, KS. We took care of business by receiving the treasury report, making decisions about donations for the HCA convention, and selecting the club's voting delegate and alternate.

Our member, Tom Files, is on the slate as a HCA Board candidate. I wish I could list all of his good qualities, fantastic work ethic, and Heisey research knowledge but I'm biased so I won't. We do thank our member, Jean Will, for her years of service on the HCA Board - lots of time given by Jean.

I had the pleasure of presenting the program. I chose the color Flamingo as the topic and it meshed nicely with Curator Ludwig's May HCA News article about the Flamingo brochure and with Mother's Day. I dressed entirely in pink (even pink shoes) to burn the connection into our minds. Each member was asked to bring a favorite piece of Heisey in Flamingo and relate its story. We had some great examples in Flamingo: #14 Flat Rim floral plateau with proper #10 frog with 19 holes; #3370 African, #3357 King Arthur, rarely seen #8005 Galaxy, and #1170 cut Pleat and Panel goblets; #1229 Octagon sandwich platter with Empress etch; #1010 Decagon nappy; #393 Narrow Flute individual cream and sugar; #1252 Twist mustard; and #350 Pinwheel and Fan nappy. Two members (without advance consultation) brought the same item, #1185/109 Dolphin comport-the members from NE also brought a pair of the #109 Dolphin candlesticks to complement the comports.

We held an auction to enhance the treasury and enjoyed "Show and Tell" of: #1413 Cathedral vase in Sahara with elaborate cutting, #1506 Whirlpool cruet, #10 Muddler, Yeoman dresser set with tray and 2 colognes, two #353 Medium Flat Panel colognes with gold wash, #353 Medium Flat Panel syrup with cutting, #1401 Empress dolphin footed cream and sugar with Sterling overlay, #479 Petal Marmalade with no-notch cover, and #1404 Old Sandwich ash tray in Cobalt.

Our next meeting will be July 19 at Mary and Gregg's home in Ames, IA, with Chef Matt in charge of the luncheon. Guests are always welcome - visit our website for details. The program will be on relish dishes. Show and Tell no doubt will include Convention finds.