Fandango Pitcher

The Great Plains Heisey Club

Members from Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska


May 9, 2015

Travelers we are – 29 members of our club cumulatively drove about 3,450 roundtrip miles to attend our May 9, 2015, meeting at the home of John and Trudy Mock in Omaha, NE. The American Petroleum Institute should give us a plaque.

The infamous Greek Key punchbowl greeted us as part of John and Trudy’s yard art that incorporates less than perfect Heisey pieces. Our fried chicken lunch with all the fixins’ was tasty – then it was downstairs for business. President Mock called the meeting to a semblance of order and quickly dispensed with the formalities – minutes, Treasury report, and formal election (railroading) of 2015 officers. The hat was passed to pay for the meal and our hosts graciously donated the proceeds to our treasury. The members voted to raise the yearly dues to $10 per person to help boost the treasury and, ultimately, HCA. The meeting was so well attended we even took a group picture.

Our club is donating a basket for the Convention auction that will include items from each of our 5 states and a beautiful piece of Heisey – hope you can come see it and bid. Four members of our club will be setting tables for the Convention display. Last year’s winner, Glen Gall, will be defending his crown but will have strong competition from Trudy Mock, Bev Heise, and Pat Lucke. We heard about the design plans and know all their displays will be beautiful.

We are also gearing up for the National Depression Glass Convention to be held this year in Kansas City in July. Our regular July club meeting has been scheduled to coincide with this event. Tom and Kathy Files will staff the HCA informational table. Our GPHC program director, Eric Tankesley-Clarke, will be doing “Heisey—More than Crystolite and Colonial, 6 Decades of Elegant Glass from Newark, OH” seminars on July 11 and 12. Member Bucky Will plans to have a display table of Flamingo Heisey and Jean Will is one of the show dealers. Join us – there’s always lots of Heisey at this national event.

A number of our members plan to head to the great Northwest for the Percy and Vivian Moore event in Seattle in September. Again, lots of travel but we’ve heard about the events and tours so we know it will be a fun time.

“Martha’s Moment” described a gifting idea prompted by the Mocks’ hosting a Questers group in their home. They gave each attendee a Crystolite cup and saucer. Hopefully this will pique some interest in Heisey among the attendees. A great way to spread the love of our beautiful glassware.

Eric’s program about Heisey celeries brought examples from several members’ collections and made a lovely display of celery trays and ‘vases’. Many Heisey patterns included celeries – over 100 pattern examples were either noted or displayed – in various sizes and colors.

Members brought a nice selection of items for Show and Tell including: Whirlpool creams & sugars in Crystal and Zircon; Trident candlesticks with Tea Rose etching; ashtrays #437, Fatima, and Kohinoor; #3000 traveler’s glass with leather case; Ipswich cologne with #91 stopper; Seven Circle cologne in Hawthorne with Hawthorne paper sticker; 22” Lariat swung vase with cutting; and Sanford candlestick with bobeche and teardrop prisms.

A successful auction of donated Heisey and Jean’s jellies raised a nice sum for our Treasury.
The meeting was adjourned and varied desserts were served. A special birthday cake was presented to Trudy in celebration of her May birthday.

Travel safety to all. We’re looking forward to June’s HCA Convention in Newark. As always, check out our happenings on our website